Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Picturesque Bike Ride, Part Four

Did you see all four parts of my bike ride photo presentation? Next time I promise I'll take less photos per bike ride. As with nearly everything I undertake, I went overboard on my first bike ride with my camera. I must attempt to exercise moderation in the future. It's doubtful I can, but miracles do happen, my friends.


Gullible said...

Do I remember correctly when you said you only spent three hours on this bike ride? Wow. How many blocks did you go? :)

Shaddy said...

I rode twenty country miles, Gully. I have no idea how I rode that far considering I was stopping constantly to take pictures. Believe it or not, there a ton of pictures I took on that ride that I didn't post for one reason or another.

Walk said...

Wow, I can't believe the wheat hasn't been harvested yet. My bro-n-law harvested a month ago in N. KS. It's amazing the growth cycles throughout the USA.

Hey, did you see the guy pulling the pop-up trailer on the interstate was waving at ya?

Made ya look didn't I? :>)

Shaddy said...

The farmer I spoke with said he's waiting for your bro-in-law to come for Kansas to do the harvesting. He told me to ask you what's holding him up.

Sarah said...

These are nice pics too Shaddy! I think the one with the two little red sheds is so cool!!!!!! And the fields, I love the fields.

Some pictures are overlapping again. What the heck do I have set wrong?

I'm looking forward to your next adventure, and allllllll the pictures from it!

Shaddy said...

Sarie: Maybe they're overlapping on other monitors too. I may select "None" when I post the next batch. Who knows what will happen then, maybe they'll be upside down and backwards! It's worth a try though. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I think I'll hop on my bike right now and see what's photo worthy out there today.