Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Picturesque Bike Ride, Part One

I took a bike ride on Sunday with my camera in a small case strapped to my handlebars. Although I stopped constantly during my outing, I managed to put 20 miles on my odometer. Up until that afternoon, all of my bike rides had been non-stop trips with a consistent level of speed as a self-imposed requirement. The possibility of a collision was the only thing that slowed me down or stopped me.

Toting my camera changed my entire outlook and perception during my cycling experience. Instead of focusing almost exclusively on the road ahead of me, I searched my surroundings for photo-worthy subjects. Normally I can ride 20 miles in less than two hours, but with my abundant stops, I spent nearly three hours on the road.

I traveled the predominantly flat countryside on the northeast area of Beloit. I pointed and clicked my camera on all of the scenes and objects that caught my eye. I can only hope that you will find something here that trips your trigger. The motivation to take my camera with me came largely from my friend, Sarah. Whenever I doubted whether I should shoot or not, I took the shot, knowing Sarie would find inspiration and value in the end result. I know without a doubt that my friend will absolutely cherish and appreciate every single one of my pictures. I'm in awe of her unconditional approval.

If I want to improve my picture taking abilities, I know where to look. I will go straight to Sarie's blog,, for examples of her professional work. My memories of photos Sarie has taken guided me as I cycled through southern Wisconsin. I hope to learn by doing rather than subjecting myself to hours of studying and preparation. At sixty, I refuse to spend time dilly-dallying.

My Picturesque Bike Ride portfolio is bursting at the seams, thus I will post my masterpieces in two parts. I took 150 pictures but I'll subject you to fewer than that, you see, I do have compassion for my faithful blog followers. I seek to hold on to those of you I've hooked and will never intentionally turn you off or away by boring you. Feel free to comment on my presentation but only if your words are in praise of my work. Critical words will be blasted to the farthest regions of cyberspace so please proceed with caution. Just kidding! Or maybe not.


Gullible said...

Hooray for Shaddy Girl,
Took her 'cycle for a whirl,
Let her 'magination out the door,
And found a whole! New! World!!!

Lia said...

Morning beautiful,

Well my two favs are the little blue house, is it a chicken hut or a shed or a wendy house (a wendy house is a play house for little kids) Whatever it is I love it and the colour.
The other one I liked was the Kent sign, but that's because i live right on the boarder of Kent and London on top of a big hill one side is London and the after is Kent. I have always wondered where the people who live right on the top live lol.
The rest of them are very nice photo's.....please don't blast me into cyberspace, it's cold up there!!!!
Much love,
Lia xx

Walk said...

My favs the combine and the RR Crossing sign, all are enjoyable to gaze upon. Keep your camera with you on your trips, I've got some Kansas farm pic's that I need to post.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness this is fun isn't it? It is so good to hear you had such an enjoyable ride. Of course I'm really selfish here, but I love the photos!!!!! Let's see....I love the little blue house, the barn and the silo, the Kent sign, the fence, the bridge...and oooooo those flowers!! AND is that door pink?!?!? Oh I love the pink doors.

I love when you get your camera out my dear. Hooray Shaddy!!!!

Shaddy said...

Gully: A picture is worth a thousand words. So why do we bother to write at all, I wonder?
Lia: I think the little blue triangular shaped building is a shed, but that's just my guess. I'd never heard of a wendy house until now. It's interesting to hear the terms used in your part of the world. Very interesting. You may need to take a hike to the top of the hill to find out whether those folks are officially London or Kent residents. Inquiring minds need to know and now there are two of us wondering.
How's the weather forecast looking for your holiday (we call it a vacation here)?
Walk: Come on. Be a postman and get those Kansas farm photos on your blog. When were you there? You didn't ask me if you could go!!
Sarie: I took the door picture especially for you. It isn't pink but next time I ride out that way I'll paint it pink and take another photo. How's that sound? (I wish I was as brave as I pretend to be!)

This post wouldn't accept any more photos so I may need to finish up my "presentation" in two more parts. I can't wait to show the rest of my bike ride sights.

Just think of all the photos I'll get on Lake Vermilion later this month.