Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunsets, Loons, Etc.

A few northern and several blue gills, small mouth bass and rock bass provided us with an awesome fish dinner.

I proudly displayed my one and only catch, an itsy bitsy perch. I can't pout though since I didn't put in much fishing time. Of course, I threw the little fellow back so he can enjoy swimming and growing and perhaps avoid getting caught again.

An evening boat ride rewarded us with loon sightings, a deer feeding on the lake shore and beautiful views of the setting sun.

I hopped on the water bike with my beverage of choice and pedaled along the shoreline.


Zelda P. said...

I especially like the photo of you and your favorite beverage! It looks like you're having fun.

Sarah said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I love the sunsets! I love the loons (oh how i love those loons). These are great Shaddy. It does look like so much fun. Those pictures of the dear are so wonderful. I love the mood of those...


Lia said...

Oh Shaddy, it all looks so lovely, I think I might just invite myself along next year as you seem to have had mostly blue sky days and I am terribly jealous, also green is not a nice shade for me to wear, especially as a skin tone lol.
I'm so pleased yo are having a good time and you look wonderfully relaxed.
Much love
Lia xx