Monday, July 6, 2009

Preflight Moments

+++ I peer through my window and nature astonishes me with changes every single day. In little more than a week, three stark naked baby robins burst from their aqua blue shells and since have sprouted fuzz, then feathers and finally, functioning wings. I watch each stage with my mouth as agape as the open beaks prevalent in these photos. If I step outside with my head wobbling on my neck, Rockin' Robin will surely poke a worm or two down my throat, if only to shut me up.

As the Robinettes mature, Rockin' Robin is guarding them with constant vigilance. I snapped the latest photos from the sliding glass door per the parental units firm admonishments. Their swoops and squawks drove me inside. Stubborn as I am, I reluctantly but with good reason (mainly fear of a perturbed peck or wrathful wing beating), succombed to their repeated warnings.

I passed long minutes over the last several days awaiting the perfect opportunities to capture the most unique moments. My efforts paid off. I'm especially happy with the photo of the entire family. At long last, I caught both parents at the nest at the same time.

The Robinettes are outgrowing their inflexible nest. When they stretch and flap their wings I fear one might topple out perhaps prematurely, although I'm confident that they're nearly ready for the next stage of their lives.

Continue to stay tuned. I assure you that the most thrilling moments are yet to come.

Please take time to click on the photos for an up close look.


Sarah said...

Ok, I must have slackers over here in the nest above our door on the garage. Hmmmm...yours are loving their new lives and flourishing and mine refuse to come out of the eggs!

I so love these pictures Shaddy. I love the updates, but now I feel kinda sorry for mine...teehee....

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I agree that the family picture is priceless. I imagine that it is in fact rare to get the whole family together long enough to snap a shot. Oh wait, that's my family I'm talking about.


Lia said...

They are doing so well, it's a joy to see them doing so well and looking like they are thriving.
I did take the time to look at your photos while they were enlarged and the first one struck me as rather funny, let me explain.

On your washing line is a rather lovely (I might add)what looks like a silk scarf with the word welcome printed on it.
In the front of the photo is one of your husbands pretty bird boxes. In the fore ground is a very well placed source of food, that I suspect you fill up daily.

The secret of your success is there for us all to see, a welcome flag, nice little house to say we are bird friendly and a never ending supply of food. Wish I'd known you when the kids were young, I'd have moved into your garage.

Much love,

Shaddy said...

Sarie: I'm sorry yours haven't hatched. Maybe they're the shy type and aren't quite ready to bust out yet?
Walk: Birds of a feather flock together. I don't know what that has to do with your comment but there it is.
Lia: You're right. Lon makes them feel very welcome. I can't take any credit for that. Thank you for your friendly comment.