Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's hoping you're all having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend.

I'm fortunate to be spending the day with my husband, son, brothers and many of those in our extended family.

I hope to be back to posting stuff here in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Shaddy!

Natasha said...

Happy couple of days after Thanksgiving, Shaddy!

Anonymous said...

Happy long weekend! I took five full days and I'm just completely thrilled about it. I might not even get out of my pajamas today. :)
I should be well rested when I go back to work on Tuesday.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: I've been out of state to the Detroit area since Wednesday. Had a great time with my husband, son, brothers and several members of our extended families. I hope your Thanksgiving and days after are much to your liking.

Natasha: We did a lot in the past four days. Lots of fun with family. I hope you're enjoying the long weekend as well.

dayner: I hope every one of your five days off are full of all the things you love. I just might spend the entire day tomorrow at home doing nothing very important but everything I enjoy.