Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Case You're Wondering

The novel I'm writing this month remains a mystery for 99.9 % of the people who know I'm doing it. I have been reading it to Lon and I dropped a hint about it on a website where I frequently hang out.
I don't have an actual plot at this point, but I can tell you that my writing is in part based on my own early childhood. I've tweaked the truth for the most part yet certain details line up with actual "important historical" facts pertaining to my birth, my place of birth, my family and other "relative" statistics.

The main character in my novel is me, Shaddy. She resembles a newborn when she's asleep, otherwise, Shaddy is phenomenally "off the charts" regarding intellectual development norms for her age group. When confronted, she attributes her advanced abilities to her innate inclination to make efficient use of all the endless time she had on her hands during her incubation period.

So far, my novel is a, hopefully humorous, account of the first few weeks of Shaddy's life. I'm encouraged by the reactions I've gotten from Lon. He has laughed frequently, has said "wow" once or twice and after each of my readings, always tells me that he's amazed with my story ideas and how I put them into a written form that flows nicely. Remember, we've been married for forty years. He knows the value of positive strokes!

A novel (as I've been taught) is supposed to include a main character (protagonist) who is faced with a challenge (provided by one or more antagonists) which he or she struggles with and overcomes, thus becomes a stronger and/or wiser individual. There's much more to the inner workings of a good novel, but that's it in a nutshell.

I haven't a clear cut challenge for Shaddy to struggle with other than understanding and accepting her differences and learning to be patient with those who aren't at her level. In what I've written so far, Shaddy is often frustrated and impatient with herself and her peers.

Time will tell how my novel will come together as I keep writing toward my 50,000 word goal. I'm taking my writing one day at a time and minute by minute. Normally, I don't know how a scene will play out until I'm in the middle of writing it and ideas spring up. Having a deadline definitely pushes the decision making process forward. I can't spend an hour trying to figure out what Shaddy will do next. I have to make a choice and go with it.

When I finish writing at the end of this month, I'll have a rough draft. If I want to try to get it published, my work will have just begun. I doubt I'll want to go through the grief necessary to accomplish that. I'll be happy knowing that I'm a novelist. That's enough for me.



I'm intrigued Shaddy!
All the best...hope to see it on Oprah's list one day~

Shokoofeh said...

It's more than enough! It's wonderful Shaddy to be a lovely novelist like you!

Anonymous said...

"I'll be happy knowing that I'm a novelist. That's enough for me. " - Shaddy

You have summed up with two lines the core of every writer. This is exactly how I feel when I sit at the keyboard every day.

Like LENORENEVERMORE, I am intrigued by the foundation you have laid for your novel. If only I could explain why it speaks to me on a very personal level. Maybe someday when me meet at a conference, or when I attend your premier book signing, I'll have the ability to talk with you about the details.

Until then my friend, keep writing. I'll buy the book should you decide to try to publish. If not, I hope you will be kind enough to let me read it anyway!

Anonymous said...

And the secret is out. Sounds like a fun novel to write. I can't wait to read it. I, too, will be at the first book signing wanting my personalized first edition.

Shaddy said...

Lenore: If you see it there, please let me know!

Shokoofeh: You're right, more than enough for me.

darksculptures: I can try to e-mail it to you. A voice in my head is saying, "She's going to be disappointed." I shouldn't listen to it, right?"

dayner: How about an e-mail copy of it?

Natasha said...

Count me in as well! This sounds really interesting.

Shaddy said...

Natasha: I'll e-mail it to you when it's finished. I'm afraid if I make hard copies, it won't be worth the paper it's printed on. When you can't stand reading another word of it on your computer screen, you'll appreciate your DELETE key as you never have before.

Shokoofeh said...

Dear I didn't mean that!
I just wanted you to know that it's fantastic to be a writer.
It's divine!


Natasha said...

Thanks!! I look forward to it!!

Anonymous said...

Goody, Goody, Goody... I can't wait! My inbox anxiously awaits.

Tell that voice in your head to be quiet! There is no doubt in my head that I will absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

Auntie can't wait for your book to be published, I know it will be.
i will be in line to buy a signed copy. Can't Wait.

Anonymous said...

I'll take my copy and read every word!

Shaddy said...

Shokoofeh: I know you were complimenting me and I appreciate your comment, as always.

Natasha: You're most welcome.

darksculptures: Why do I freak out when I'm told by my peers that they anticipate that I'll be successful? I need to eradicate my self-doubt ASAP. Do you know any good brain surgeons?

Thanks for the support, in spite of my unreasonable reaction to it.

Auntie: If it's published, trust me, you won't be waiting in line for a signed copy. I'll deliver one to you along with a dozen of red roses.

As one of my earliest fans, you'll get special treatment.

Shaddy said...

dayner: If you can push yourself to write 100,000 words in one month, then you've got the stamina to do just about anything. I have no doubt that you'll read every single word of my novel.

I am Alive said...

hey.. yeah I did come across the trace you left on site.. but i believe that was way back..
I do remember watching this pic of yours too..
n why are you saying it wont be worth printing on paper . I would love to receive the hard copy with Author's autograph on it :) Keep it up.. n I am awaiting

Shaddy said...

I am Alive: You're looking around at the beautiful world that's just waiting for you to take notice. Whatever you need is within your reach. Thanks for visiting today.