Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Of My Favorite Things

A tiny bit of this L'Oreal Cream Cleanser goes a long way. The cost is about $7 unless you're lucky enough to find it on sale. I love it because with just a little dab, I get a face full of bubbles.

**************This handmade soap is made in Oregon, IL, not far from here. I ordered several bars from their website recently. I use it as a body wash and I'm finding my skin doesn't dry out as it normally does.

It's made in more scents than you can shake a stick at and they're all available on their website

When I don't feel like going to the tanspa and I'm looking pale, I put this on before I go to bed at night. It works fast and is safer than tanning beds.

*************I've been wearing Victoria Secret's London Jeans forever and ever and I love the stretch fabrics. I have more than enough pairs of their stretch denim, corduroy, and chino jeans.

*************The Christie Fit Victoria Secret's jeans are very comfortable and the rise isn't too low or too high. Again the stretch fabric in these chinos makes them oh so comfortable.
By the way, I wash all of my clothes with Woolite and in cold water. I dry them for a very short time, shake out any wrinkles, hang them up in the laundry room in the basement and turn on the dehumidifier. Colors don't fade and all my clothes stay like new much longer.

Lon and I love flavored coffee beans. Our latest favorites are these two.

I'll need a few bottles of this wine to get me through National Novel Writing Month. I prefer writing and drinking, barefoot.

I drink a glass of plain light soymilk every day. Milk made from soy beans sounds pretty awful but I like it. It's available in vanilla and chocolate as well as plain.
I choose plain because it has fewer calories.

Baileys Irish Cream is great for dessert, or whenever; I don't know and don't want to know the calories in a serving of dessert, do you?

Do you want some delicious mashed potatoes that only take a few minutes in the microwave and they're ready to eat?

I know it's hard to believe they're good but trust me, in my opinion (not my son's) they're better than those I make.

Try them just once and see if you don't agree. When you don't have time or don't feel like making your own, these are a real treat.
(If you're interested in my NaNoWriMo word count, look to the left, above the red and gold badge. I update it after every writing session.)


Anonymous said...

Shaddy, get back to NaNoWriMo.

You can, you know, post your story here in segments.

s/your nagging fairy godmother

Anonymous said...

I've got to order some of the soap. Winter hasn't even arrived in Florida and I am drying out like a lizard shedding it's skin.

Oh, I second your nagging fairy godmother...get back to work on your NaNoNovel! LOL

Shaddy said...

My nagging fairy godmother: Aren't you supposed to be at my beck and call, kindly granting me wishes with your sparkling magic wand? Instead you're bossy and, besides that, I don't know you from the man in the moon.

Forgive me if I've been rude; I do appreciate your interest in my writing but even with your magic powers I'm afraid you won't be able to wrest my ongoing novel from my hands.

You'll kindly wait until my book arrives at your local bookstore. I can't be giving things away; I have to eat, you know.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: So far, the soap is keeping my skin moist. In the dead of winter here in Wisconsin, I may have to use body lotion as well. According to the website info, in the process of making most soaps, the oil is removed. These handmade soaps retain all the oils.

I wrote from 6 until 7:35 this evening, after working all day. I reached 4348. That's enough for today. Tomorrow I'll work only until noon, so I'll have more time for writing.

Grab your keyboard and hit the slopes.

K.M. Weiland said...

I love this post! What a fun idea! :)

Shaddy said...

K.M. Weiland, author of Behold the Dawn and A Man Called Outlaw: I'm glad you enjoyed my favorite things. I wrote a few posts, including this one, last week. I'm planning to post them on days when I'm busy writing my "novel" in the NaNoWriMo challenge.

How's it going with your latest novel release?

Natasha said...

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to write we go! Keep up the good work.

Shaddy said...

Natasha: I'm Dopey. Which of the 7 dwarfs are you?

Yes, let's keep keeping on.