Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Old Passion

Welcome to Shaddy's Stamp Presentation.
Please refrain from applauding until after the last item is shown. :)

A detailed description of my stamp collection follows these photos.

These stamped and decorated envelopes are FDCs, First Day Covers.

I purchased a number of my collection of FDCs from individuals who offered them for sale in stamp collection publications.

Most of my first day covers are simply plain envelopes which I addressed to the Postmaster of the post office which was designated for that first day issue postmark. They postmarked my envelope and returned it to me in my self-addressed envelope. I didn't include a photo since these with cachets are more fun to look at.

You can click on the images to enlarge them for closer examination.

I think you'll like these old cars, Tom.

I personally added the decorated areas, known as cachets, on the Vermont, Common Dolphin, Killer Whale, Flower and Greetings envelopes.

This is a First Day Ceremony Program. They are given to those who attend first day ceremonies. They contain a list of participants, information on the stamp subject and the actual stamp attached and postmarked.
This is the cover of the program designed in honor of Ernest Hemingway's stamp.

The inside of the program is pictured here.

This is the cover of another item in my collection, the Desert Postal Card ceremony program.

I also collected "plate blocks." Found on sheet stamps, plate blocks are the stamps--usually a group of 4--that have the printing plate numbers in the adjoining selvage or margin.

I'm not sure if these are FDCs since they don't have a first day issue postmark on them. I do like the unique postmarks they do have.

In the late 80s and early 90s, I enjoyed a type of stamp collecting that focuses on FDCs or First Day Covers. I subscribed to a publication that told me when the newly designed U.S. stamps were going to be issued. Every new stamp is initially issued at one specific United States Post Office, one which has some connection with the subject of the stamp. A ceremony is held at that post office. This newly issued stamp isn’t sold anywhere else in the U.S. until the following day.
Collecting envelopes with the “First Day of Issue” postmark was my hobby for quite a few years. Why would I want to spend time in that way? I’m not sure. I didn’t have a blog so this pastime drew me in. Perhaps I did it so I'd have something to blog about when I became a writer. Right! (in jest).
All of the binders shown at the top of this post are filled the various items which I collected during my days as a philatelist. Until today, I can't remember when I last pulled the binders from their cases. It was great fun going through everything and I hope you also get a kick out of some of my "stuff."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your splendid collection. It's nice to see that these traditions are still carried on. You have a treasure box full of history.

Natasha said...

This is great fun, Shaddy!

I didn't know there were big ceremonies attached to First Days. Did you go to the Hemingway one? This is all really interesting.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: You're certainly very welcome. Thank YOU for taking the time to check it out.

Natasha: Unfortunately, I haven't attended any of the ceremonies. I just collected the postmarked envelopes. I'm glad you found my post to be interesting. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Auntie wants to know what else you have up your sleeve? This is a very interesting collection, you have always been a very busy gal right?
Dick had a collection that seemed to get lost in one of our moves. Nothing to compare to yours. LOVE

Shaddy said...

Aunt Babe: Time will tell what else I can dig up to share here. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing what I was doing back in the late 80s and early 90s. I do like to be busy. (I wonder where I get that??!!)

Kirsten Lesko said...

Cool collection, Shaddy. I love the Hemingway one.

Parrot Writes said...

What a great collection you have put together. I'll bet it takes you down memory lane to look back at some of these. Thanks for sharing. I like the Elvis ones! :)

Shaddy said...

Kirsten: I thought I'd get all of the writers' attention with Hemingway.

Parrot: Speaking of memory, I wish I could remember more about the process I went through to put together my collection. I'm kind of inspired to dabble in it again.

Walk said...

I was disappointed to see that you didn't have the Bugs Bunny one. I have a sheet of Bugs stamps but no first day issue. It is an interesting collection, I don't remember the Hemingway stamp, guess I need to get out more.

Shaddy said...

Walk: During the time I was collecting first day covers, there must not have been a Bugs Bunny stamp issued or by golly I would have got my hands on one.
It's great having you here. Can I get you a beer?

Anonymous said...

I have never "met" a philatelist before. Thank you for sharing and for teaching me something new.

Shaddy said...

Linda: Carrying such a title becomes quite a burden at times. TeeHee. Perhaps that's why I've drifted from the world of stamps for so long. TeeHeeHee.
Thank you for visiting and I'm pleased to know that I offered something new for you.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

My favorite is the Indian Head dressing! What a collection Shaddy!!
ps: to answer your Q, my background is advertising~
Hope you & happy are enjoying the weekend!

much love*

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

woops typo:
Hubby & not 'happy!'
Oh well that too I guess...haha!

Shaddy said...

Lenore: I like that first day cover too.
I smiled at your hopes that happy and I are enjoying the weekend. I thought you intentionally chose to use the name, Happy, for Lon.
It came out cute in both of your comments.

Lia said...

Hemingway looks rather handsome on his FDC.

Never would have had you down as a stamp collector.
Your always full of surprises.

We have FDC over here, never thought about other countries having them.
Funny really as now I think about it it makes sense.

People collect them over here and I believe it is the same principal and for the same reasons.

Very nice collection

much love

Shaddy said...

Lia: Thanks for visiting. I often surprise myself with the interests I cultivate. Never a dull moment at my house!