Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oops! April's Here

As usual, another month has arrived and I'm late at properly welcoming her. We're ten days into April and I've neglected to make the appropriate introductions. She has proved to be most gracious, patiently waiting for me to come to my senses.

Without further ado, I present the first full month of spring, April of 2010. Please welcome her with restrained applause as she's of a delicate nature, you know. She always arrives with a quite extravagant collection of luggage packed with all the wonders that Nature has asked her to distribute.
Be very careful when you're out and about. Take heed to tread lightly as the dainty newborn petals and leaves April has brought are dearly beloved to her.
I consider us to be friends. Let us harken to Ralph Waldo Emerson's words and exercise sincerity as we put our thoughts into words to share with each other.


Anonymous said...

Auntie thinks your introduction to April is clever, I love April, March winds and April Showers bring May flowers, we have had the showers and of course we already have the flowers. I love your blogs.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sentiment Shaddy. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if we were always mindful of the words we shared. And wouldn't it be even that much better if we were also mindful of the thoughts that we allow into our minds.

kenech said...

hey your background is just like a follower and would love u to reciprocate at promises to be fun.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

April is a delicate and short month. Or at least it always seems short. i'm always so grateful for the signs of spring that she brings.

I finally got the awards out over at my blog. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear on any of the Blogger "My Blog Lists." (sigh) This move to WordPress just never seems to finish.

Anyway, don't worry about doing the whole award thing. It's mostly a shout out for your blog.

Shaddy said...

Aunt Babe: Clever? Awesome! I've always wanted to be considered clever. Yippee!

darksculptures: You're SO right on both counts.

kenech: You have good taste in backgrounds, if I do say so myself!!:)
I'll be over to check out your world ASAP. Thanks for your visit and comment.

Mary Anne: I appreciate that you gave a "shout out" for my blog. I'm honored to be favored by you. (Did you see your name in calligraphy in my previous blog, titled Let's Party?)

Anonymous said...

So pretty, and yes, clever too! I love the birdie, teehee. April is flying by isn't it dear? I'm shocked that we're almost to the middle of it. Wow.

Thanks for this post Shaddy. Is there anyway you can quit your job and just write for us and post pictures everyday? I'll buy an ad to donate to funding that endeavor!


Shaddy said...

I'd love to spend more time on my blog so any donations you can bring in will work for me.

Good luck with that!!!!!!

You've made my day with your comments, in fact, you made my week and perhaps even my month. Anyway I look at it, I'm flying high.

Anonymous said...

I love April. I think it's my favorite month. Of course all the important men in my life have birthdays in April, that helps to.
Thanks for sharing more lovely images.

Annie said...

I just learned some more about you in this post and the two that follow. I loved ALL of them!!! Amazing how much growth a yard can change in 2 weeks! Course I am still in awe how fast my kids have grown!!! My favorite part? Is the quote by Ralph Waldo...I love how you photographed at the end. I am going to have to add it to my quote journal.