Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stump's Practically Our Neighbor

Just a few miles from Beloit, lies Afton, Wisconsin, home of the creator of all these Stump's foods.
As the label reveals, Jim (Stump) Haakinson's hunger for food with a "kick" prompted him to experiment in his kitchen. The result of some of his work is here for you to see.
We received a few jars of Stump's hot stuff as a gift recently. Lon and I are enjoying everything as long as we eat of it sparingly. The olives aren't terribly spicy but one or two with a meal is usually enough. The pickles are something else again. Two small bites of one spear go a long way.
I'm saving the Bloody Mary Mix to use for a pot of chili this fall. Doesn't that recipe look good?
I haven't used the minced garlic in oil yet either, but I will eventually. I'm not a devoted cook so such things sit a spell before I get around to using them. Quoting my oldest brother, "I don't want to rush into it."
Stump's stuff is available online at . Let me warn you though. Go easy until you know what you're getting into.


Anonymous said...

I guess I better finally try some of these! I've heard about them, even seen them at gatherings, but haven't indulged yet. I'll start with the olives.
Thanks for posting Shaddy!
Happy Monday!

Lia said...

That recipe does sound very good, might try it out on the boys. I am always looking for new things to feed them on.

I make my own minced garlic in oil.
All you need to do is buy fresh garlic, crush it in a garlic mincer, place in a jar and cover the garlic with what ever oil you like to use. You can even roast garlic and do the same.
You can do this with whole chillies as well. And even make herb oils the same way.
Just one thing you have to sterilise the jar first and it's best to do this in the oven. But it keeps for ages.

much love

Kirsten Lesko said...

I could really go for some of those olives.

I like the labels - they're cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm game on the olives too!

Although the chili sounds wonderful I think I'd wait for cooler weather also.

To quote a family member when it comes to hot stuff, "I got a yearnin' for some burnin'"

Parrot Writes said...

My tummy doesn't tolerate the hot stuff. Even looking at it makes me sweat!

Shaddy said...

Sarie: If you like spicy foods, I think you'll enjoy Stump's stuff. Like I mentioned, a little bit goes a long way, at least for me it does.

Lia: Wow! You're way out of my league. I spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. I keep thinking maybe someday I'll get "into" cooking, make it into something I like to do. It hasn't happened yet. Since I like to keep my weight down, I avoid food as much as possible.

Kirsten: The olives are very good. I haven't tried the hot ones but the Mediterranean olives are plenty spicy for me.

darksculptures: The olives and pickles are a great addition to a meal. Since I don't eat them like candy, a jar lasts quite a while.

Parrot: My stomach bothered me when I first tasted this stuff. I learned to eat less and enjoy it more.

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Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

The thought of pickles makes drool instantly! Oh Shaddy, please don't wait for Fall to use it...enjoy it asap dear~


Shaddy said...

Lenore: I love how you've hearts in your name in place of the O's. I don't know how you did that but it's perfect for you.

Oh dear, I hope you didn't drool on your work blouse!

Anonymous said...

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Shaddy said...

#(^_*: I don't know what you wrote but it's the thought that counts. Thank you, I think.:)

K.M. Weiland said...

I'm an utter wimp when it comes to hot stuff. Black pepper has even been known to choke me up on a few occasions. Occasionally, I'll risk the heat if the recipe is extra, extra good (chicken tacos with adobo sauce - mmm!), but usually I steer myself a wide course around anything that looks even warm.

Shaddy said...

K.M.: I'd advise you to stay away from Stump's stuff.

Anonymous said...

update: thanks to you my dear I am now fully addicted to Stump's Olives and damn happy about it!!!!! YAY!!!!! OMG they are so good...