Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will I Expire Too?

As I was adding wheat germ to my yogurt yesterday, I got to thinking. I couldn't remember when I'd purchased the jar of wheat germ I was spooning from. I realized it had been quite a while ago so I searched for the expiration date. BEST BEFORE SEP 09 09 glared accusingly from the glass container. All I could think was yikes!!
I sat down quickly as my life flashed before me. I contemplated the state of my health and ruminated over my gross error. After accessing my sense of wellness, I decided confidently that I'd been feeling fine in spite of consuming this deadly wheat germ on a daily basis for quite some time. Even today, I feel fine.
After eating food long past its intended longevity, do you think I'll be the next thing to expire? Will it happen later today or have I a bit longer to enjoy life?
Should this be my last blog post, I must say, "It's been marvelous, simply marvelous."


Anonymous said...

Auntie says "you will be fine". It only says best before sep 09 09. It does not say it expires after that, just might not be quite as potent. KEEP BLOGGING!! Love

Gullible said...

If I should die before I wake,
blame it on the germs I ate?

Seriously, Shaddy, you should be able to smell rancidity if the wheat germ is bad. And for Pete's sakes, why aren't you eating toasted wheat germ instead. It's much better tasting--rather nutty. I dredge moose and beef liver in it before frying--in lots of bacon grease. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Both you and Gullible are cracking me up tonight! Thanks for the laughs ladies!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think your fine. If anything it has just lost some of it's nutritional value.
I hate when that happens. You have a plan for a specific ingredient and when you grab it, you find out it's expired. That just bugs me.

Anonymous said...

LOL Shaddy!!! Ohhhh, thank you for the giggle honey. You will be fine. I promise. But, um, pick up a new jar next time you're at the store ok?
Love you!

Shaddy said...

Aunt Babe: Phew! I went to Daley, Murphy, Wisch yesterday to make funeral arrangements. I'll call them right away with the good news; I'm not gonna die. That may may not be good news to them. :)

Gully: I've been praying, "I pray the Lord my soul to take."

I've checked the label on the toasted wheat germ and if I remember correctly it has more calories, thus I opt for the natural.

darksculptures: Great! Making y'all laugh was my goal.

dayner: I usually shy away from foods when the "best if used by date" has expired. Honestly, I wasn't concerned about the wheat germ, just surprised it was so old.

Sarie: Giggles are good!

Lon's been spending my life insurance money already! I better call him and tell him he's stuck with me for a while yet.

I will pick up a jar at the store ASAP.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

What?! haha...too funny Sahddy!
You are not ready to go down 6 feet under my dear! LIVE-LIVE-LIVE!!!

Shaddy said...

Lenore: Talk about a "near death" experience! I've a new lease on life.

Kirsten Lesko said...

I think it's fantastic you'd think "it's been marvelous." That's saying something!

All my near-death experiences have resulted in my thinking, "Wait! I've barely done anything I've wanted to do!"

What's the magic secret?

Shaddy said...

Kirsten: My secret was KNOWING I wasn't dying!

Vanessa said...

Very amusing! My husband loves to immediately throw anything out as soon as it expires, I on the other hand figure if it doesn't smell bad (ie: milk) its still good to go! And I'm still here... so far!

Shaddy said...

Vanessa: Welcome!

I'm the opposite of my husband. He'll eat almost anything while I USUALLY keep a close eye on "use by" dates. You and my husband are both alive and well so leniency regarding the dates and paying attention to how foods smell is probably a good monitor.

Come back now, ya hear?

Annie said...

If my boys can drink out of a carton of milk well past the expiration date, and survive...well I think you will survive as well!!! Thanks for the laugh!