Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't Sweat the Sun

As you know, I'm always thrifty and won't miss an opportunity to save money. Although the shirt pictured here appears to be quite a normal piece of clothing, it's far from typical.
I discovered that when my eyes lit on the stack of tags dangling from the fabric. To appreciate my new shirt, the manufacturer decided that I need the equivalent of an owner's manual to guide me.
Tag #1: A bright blue tag shouts Columbia and on the reverse side tells me (in two languages) more than I care about regarding the history of the company.
Tags #2 and #3: The Omni-Dry and Omni-Shade tags in vibrant turquoise and bold orange promise me carefree hours in the sun while wearing my cute white shirt as it blocks damaging UV rays and sucks the sweat away from my upper body. THE SCIENCE OF THE GREATER OUTDOORS is explained in English and French on the tag front and in four other languages on the back.
Tage #4: I didn't photograph this tag but it listed the sizes available in the US, France, UK, Germany, Spain and Portugal.
If you're already glad you're reading this post of Shaddy's, you ain't heard nuthin' yet. My new "Psych to Hike Short Sleeve Shirt" (that's what the tag says!) was ON SALE. Originally, it was priced at $50.00. I was tickled to see the marked down price of $36.99. Can you handle more excitement? On top of that, another 30% was deducted when I checked out. Can you believe my luck!!??
Now I can sweat in the sun to my heart's content and beyond without a care in the world, and all that for only $25.89 out of my pocket. And besides that, I saved almost as much as I spent.
I should be ecstatic and I am but...I'm puzzled by the shirt's nickname, "Psych to Hike." What's your take on that? Perhaps the tag designer thinks I'm nuts to even consider buying the high-tech thingy and is suggesting I take a hike instead. No, that can't be right. He'd get fired if he is doing that.
Do you think I think too much? All of this for something to post on my blog!
I'm leaving now to strike a yoga pose; I long to return to the peace I was basking in yesterday.


Jana said...

I think this company may have too many employees, so they had to think up things for all of them to do. "You four guys quit sitting around doing nothing; write a tag or something."
They made a cute shirt, though!

Gullible said...

Do you suppose it's made of plastic pop bottles, too?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quite a marketing program going on at Columbia! I wonder if NASA was involved somehow too? In the end it's a fabulous shirt at an incredible price! Hooray!!!!

Shaddy said...

JANA: I think you're right!

GULLY: Probably plastic suntan lotion bottles!

SARIE: Without a doubt! It's my bedtime thus my replies are short and to the point. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Auntie wants to know what garment do you wear under this sun blocker . GREAT SHOPPING!!

Gullible said...

Good one, Shaddy. That was my first laugh-out-loud of the day. Thanks!

Shaddy said...

AUNTIE BABE: It's not as sheer as it appears in the photo. I wear a skin-tone colored bra and I'm good to go. I don't spend a lot of time shopping but when I'm in the mood, look out!

GULLY: You're most welcome, my friend!

Natasha said...

Ah, great to be back reading blogs again.

This, my friend, is a classic example of the 'bargasm'. Congratulations on finding it, and thank you for sharing the story.

Wear it in good health and spirits!

Anonymous said...

Love the look of your blog!!!! And Psych to Hike...well I have get in a crazy state of mind before I begin jogging or maybe just crazies jog and hike!!! And I am proud to be part of that group!! LOL!!!

Shaddy said...

NATASHA: Ahah! It's great to have you back! Finding bargains is quite the delightful experience exactly as you described it.

ANNIE: My blogs bright alright and a far cry from my previous background.

If we have to get crazy to get healthy, well let's do what it takes.

Parrot Writes said...

Gertrude probably came up with the name herself! Columbia Sportswear is headquartered in Portland, Or. Did you know you can also get Psych to Hike shorts and long pants too?? I think you are supposed to feel so psyched in the clothing that you just HAVE to go out and hike to show it off! Or something...

marry said...

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Anonymous said...

I'd have to do more than "Psych to Hike" in this weather. I'd have to be Psycho as well. It's just too darn hot. But hey, the shirt is cute as a button, pun intended.

Shaddy said...

PARROT: I like your thoughts on the Psych to Hike clothing! Cool clothes to give a kick to my psyche, no doubt!

MARRY: A new commentor, yay! I'm glad you picked up some info that interested you.

Please come again.

DARKSCULPTURES: Excellent pun, I might add!

It's funny. I don't mind sweating when I'm biking or running. What bugs me is when I'm not doing anything strenuous and I'm still perspiring.

Rob said...

I think you think, therefore you be bloggin, otherwise the pressure might pop your noggin! And I for one am glad you do, because stoppin by here, be a fun thing to do! :)

Shaddy said...

ROB: Hey, hey! A poetic comment from the man, Rob.

Obviously, you're a thinker too and a creative one at that. I agree that we blog and comment on blogs because it beats letting ideas accumulate until the pressure builds up. Posting to our blogs beats blowing our brains out.

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