Sunday, August 29, 2010

Take a Hike!

On Saturday afternoon, Lon and I drove 45 minutes to do some hiking in the Kettle Moraine State Forest in southern Wisconsin. This sign at the Nordic Trail trailhead shows the layout of the seven color-coded routes.

These overlapping and intersecting trail routes vary in length from .7 up to 9.2 miles. At every intersection, colored posts indicate the route direction.

We opted to hike the white route. Initially, we followed the white arrow and at every route intersection, we made sure we took the trail with the white square painted on the post.

A blurry butterfly lit on a blurry flower...or was the gal operating the camera amiss?

I bet you didn't know that eggs sunny-side-up grew like this, but obviously that's how they got their name.

Another butterfly posed for me and boldly showed off its awesome markings.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to rest for a spell.

Aw, come on, Lon...just a few more minutes...please?

We've used these trails for hiking and cross-country skiing several times over the years. Of course, every season offers its own unique colors and views.

You've got to be kidding. We've hiked one measly mile! That's a lie, a bold-faced white lie!

As with many hiking trail, several inclines challenged us.

See the grasshopper? If he hadn't flown across the trail in front of me, I wouldn't have noticed him there in the sand.

I couldn't resist powdering my cheeks with these huge fluffy puffs.

For Pete's sake. Another lie!

A magnificent monarch butterfly settled on this flower and stayed put as I gradually moved closer and closer to get this photo, my favorite of the day.

I didn't bring a pillow. At this point, I suggested we pick up the pace so we'd finish before dark.

Sweetheart? Honey bunch? I'm tired of walking. I know. I know. This hike is all my idea but won't you carry me the rest of the way. Hmm? If you really love me, you surely will.
Ahhh. I'm feeling so much better already.

We did it. We hiked three miles!
You can put me down now, sweetie pie. Ouch! (Good grief! Lon dropped me!)

Now why is it so much easier to run 3 miles than to hike the same distance? Could it be my microwave mindset that causes my impatience? Although I enjoyed walking the trails and capturing the sights with my camera, walks always seem to take forever.
We'll return in a few weeks when the leaves start to change. By then, I should be able to walk again. (Did I mention that Lon dropped me?)
P.S. Honestly, Lon didn't carry me or drop me. I added those little figments of my imagination merely for the fun of it. You knew I was kidding, didn't you?


Gullible said...

Fabulous pix of the Monarch b-fly! Three miles, huh? That's one-two-three? Three miles? Hmmm....

Stephanie said...

That sounds like fun! How were the bugs? I was just telling Tim that I wished there were somewhere around here to go hiking!

Shaddy said...

GULLY: I was all ready to take another even closer photo but a breeze rustled the flower and the butterfly flew off.

STEPHANIE: How could I forget to mention the mosquitos! We started our hike without mosquito repellant but quickly rushed back to the truck and sprayed ourselves thoroughly. There's no way we could have hiked without the protection.

You might try hiking at Big Hill Park or Leeson's Park if you don't mind the cemetery.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Oh shaddy...
you make me want to be in/among nature! gloriousss...

Shaddy said...

LENORE: Nature does offer a sense of relaxation that works wonders. Next time we hike, we'll take a shorter route so I don't get bored.

Anonymous said...

I live vicariously through you. I hope you know that. :) Thanks for taking us along on your hike.

Shaddy said...

DAYNER: I hope you know that it's my pleasure to have you living vicariously through me. I also hope you didn't suffer too much when Lon dropped me!!

Anonymous said...

Fun!! It sounds like, um, an exhilarating (?) good time Shaddy. You're so cute - "walks always seem to take forever." LOL! Classic line! I love this mini-travelogue. What beautiful pictures too!