Saturday, June 4, 2011

After Pictures

After a pipe was replaced in our septic system, we had this to deal with.  The pile on the left is dirt and big hunks of sod.  We separated the loose dirt and sod.

The ground in our backyard had sunk in the area of our septic system.  We figured now was a good time to level the yard out.  We bought eight yards of dirt which was dumped by a huge dump truck in our driveway.  We hauled the black dirt with wheelbarrows from the driveway to the backyard.     

On Memorial Day, we were satisfied with the level of the yard so we seeded the area and covered it with straw.  Now we are watering it several times a day in hopes of having success with growing new grass.  The lid to the septic tank is under the birdbath and easily accessible for pumping. 

I'm proud of Lon and I.  We worked very, very hard to accomplish this task.  I'm sorry it took me so long to post these "after" pictures but I've been busy working in the yard.  I can't say I totally enjoyed hauling dirt with a wheelbarrow but all the other work outside has been fun.


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

You guys are great as a team I bet!
My country house has septic tank as well, Shaddy. Hope the pipes are in working order...errr?
~Enjoy your weekend lovebirds*


Stephanie said...

I wish Tim and I could get things done like you and Lon do! Glad to hear that it's finished and you can enjoy your yard again. I hope you two are taking it easy now!
Jake says you can borrow his pool and floaty toys to relax in ;)

Annie said...

You have a beautiful yard and made more beautiful by your work! I started a new blog...sent you an email about it. Annie

Gullible said...

Oh, my word, did you ever get off easy. When Alaskan men get around heavy equipment, every green living thing in sight is in immediate peril. I can't believe you don't have gigantic Cat tracks across what's left of your lawn. And you two did a mighty fine job of resurrecting your back yard sanctuary.

Parrot Writes said...

It will be beautiful when the grass pops up and fills in. Whew! What a job to hand-truck all that soil to the back yard. You certainly didn't need the gym on those days; got your quota of lifting and cardio right there!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

LENORE: Lon and I do make a pretty good team. We have the same tastes which helps.

I hope your country house septic system works well forever and ever.

STEPHANIE: We were going to have someone else haul the dirt in but we knew we wouldn't have the patience to wait for them to do the work. Neither of us can wait for anything!!

We seem to be finding plenty to do. I'm loving being outside doing outdoor projects.

According to the weather forecast, Jake will definitely need his pool to keep cool during the next few days.

ANNIE: Thank you, Annie. We love our home and yard.

I'll be checking my e-mail to learn about your new blog.

GULLY: Thank God we didn't have to have a complete new septic system or we really would have had a catastrophic upheaval.

I appreciate your kind thoughts regarding our backyard project.

LINDA: I haven't been and don't plan to go to NorthPointe for exercise. It's much better to work in the yard, at least that's how I'm feeling presently.

Jana said...

Any time you and Lon want to get away and work on someone else's landscaping issues, come on out to OK. I could keep you busy for a few days..
Your hard work sure paid off - it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Looking good -- that was a big job. Knowing you (and with Lon's help), ya'll will create a new Garden of Eden right there in your own back yard.

Rob said...

WOW! Nice job Shadster! You all need to take a weekend off, prop your feet up and have some tea!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

JANA: Thanks for the offer but I think I'll have my hands full with our yard alone. If I feel a burst of energy coming on, I'll book a flight to OK and go to work in your yard!!

How are you and your feline friends doing today?

BETH: We've definitely been making improvements over the years. We're homebodies so we're happiest when we're doing things at our house. It's our refuge for sure.

I hope you have a Garden of Eden of sorts where you can enjoy some solitude.

ROB: I like your idea but an obsessive compulsive person can't do that. I'll enjoy a glass of wine though--is that an okay substitute for tea? Thanks for popping in.

Walk said...

Between your and Gully's septic problems, I'm beginning to worry. That's about the only thing that we haven't replaced in the last three years.

Your yard is a beautiful retreat. All your work is well rewarded.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

WALK: One ply from now on!!!