Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Checking In

I can't seem to settle myself down to applying myself to adding to my blog posts.  I've been very busy doing other things--mostly outside activities.  You're tired of hearing me say that, aren't you?

I'm at work presently with a few minutes of free time and I decided to put a few words here in case there was anyone out there looking for something to read.  It seems more and more people are away from the blogging world these days; that's alright; winter will be upon us way too soon and we'll be more inclined to indoor passions.

I hope everyone is well.  

I'd enjoy any comments you put down even if it's just a "Hi."

I hope your month of August is all you want it to be and then some.


Gullible said...

Hi, Shads. I know the feeling. I've been busy with a visiting relative. He got me back into fishing, which is a good thing.

Walk said...

Oh Kaye, I bee workin two. Should bee buzy but jest wanna say high.

Annie said...

Hi Shaddy!
Love the pics of your garden ;)

Natasha Alexander said...

Hi Shaddy!

Enjoy your lovely yard while you can!

Parrot Writes said...

Got the same malady. Just have a great summer and keep in touch! Headed to a 3 day writing conference Fri thru Sun. Maybe that will get me going again...

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: Isn't it fun when you're directed back to an activity you've been away from for a long, long time? Something tells me we'll be enjoying some more fishing stories from you.

WALK: Thanx fer sayin high. Mi writin skils need polishun two.

ANNIE: It's great to see a comment from you, very, very nice. I hope your summer has been a good one.

NATASHA: What a great bunch of blogging friends I have!! It's so sweet that you've all taken the time to say HI. I cherish my connection with all of you.

LINDA: A writing conference! Good for you. I'd bet money that'll get you inspired big time although I don't think you really need motivation--you've been exercising your way with words pretty regularly and with great results and well-deserved recognition. Have three great days!!

patsandz said...

It was so nice to see all of you on Sat. I can see that your time has been well spent outdoors. Beautiful pics!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

PAT: The reception was great indeed! I saw more people than I expected and it was lots of fun.

I was so pleased to talk to you and learn that you've been visiting my blog. Thanks a million for leaving a comment.

Have a great weekend.