Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shop Now: Nature Is Giving Things Away

Dark green, light lavendar, peachy pink...only nature can please us so thoroughly and effortlessly.

Early morning, between 7:30 and 8:00, these glorious rays, beaming through the leaves of a maple tree across the street, stopped me in my rush to leave the house for work.  I paused; in a second everything changed; I felt blessed and at peace.   

Later that same day, I looked out the window of our family room and was again made aware of the beauty of nature, this time in the shape of a finch.  Although I tried several times, other birds that were coming to feed at the same time were too quick for me to capture with my camera.

It's alright my little friend.  Take it slow.  I also often feel meek upon first awakening.  (This little clay worm helps me gauge if this plant needs water).

A backyard squirrel added his decorating touch by depositing a walnut beside our fountain setting.  My first impulse was to snatch it up.  Instead, I laughed and left it right where he placed it.

Menards is having an end-of-season sale.  I'm not sure about our latest addition to our screen porch; depending on my state of mind, it's quite nice or simply ghastly.  Perhaps with time, it will grow on me and I won't avoid looking its way.

How about from this angle?  I can say with certainty that it's pretty at night when its lights are all you can see.  Oh, and the sound of trickling water is always good company.

I was getting tired of seeing and plucking mushrooms from our lawn until I came upon this red-topped one.  Everyday offers something new, if only we take a few moments to open our eyes and minds to our own backyards.

I'm impressed by this bigger than usual cluster of maple seeds that I found under our Crimson King.  Single or double "whirlybirds" are more common.

Our pin oak is dropping these cute acorns regularly.  I've discovered that pre-autumn backyard shopping is thrilling and it's all mine for the bending and taking.


mistress maddie said...

lovely post as always! I love the shot with the sun rays coming threw the tree-stunning! And the little bird. I get the bright yellow finches- tons of them. I have to watch them from the kitchen. Since the hurricane came through they haven't returned yet. Much yard clean up. Also if you ever make it east to Philadelphia I have a feeling you would LOVE Longwood Gardens. It is breath taking!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

MADDIE: I'm sorry to hear of the hurricane damage to your yard; I hope it isn't too, too bad.

I love yellow finches!! We see them fairly often but not often enough for me. Their yellow color is so brilliant! Around here, they come and go so quickly that I never get to observe them as long as I'd like.

Longwood Gardens sounds wonderful. If we ever get out that way, we'll have to check it out.

Have a fun Labor Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post Shaddy. I have no idea how I missed this one. I love that little mushroom, how cute is he? And the birdie? Oh I love all of this one honey, great post!

I need to figure out how to subscribe to Papercut Screams via email....missing things isn't something I can handle...lol...xoxo