Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Brother Carl, A Hair Stylist?

My brothers, Tom and Carl, traveled from Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my other two brothers, Bob and John, me and other family members. 

This is Carl.

And this is Carl.

And this is Carl and his granddaughter, Abby.  All of these photos were taken two years ago.  I should have taken photos at Thanksgiving this year.  Duh!  Carl is wearing his hair shorter with some spiking going on.  He really should consider becoming a hair stylist!! 

Although Carl isn't officially a hair stylist, he told me that my hair was too long in a couple of places near my temples.  I asked him if he wanted to fix it for me.  He said he would so I gave him a pair of scissors and held still for him.  He very carefully used the scissors to snip away the hair that was out of line.  Voila!  When I looked in the mirror I could see that he was right.  Although I had been frustrated with my hair, I had assumed my hair stylist had left it longer in those areas because my hair is so straight that it sometimes won't lie down if it's too short.  After Carl's snipping, my hair is behaving quite nicely and I'm so glad he was assertive, pointed out the problem and made it better.      

How many of you would trust your brother to "fix" your hair?


Sarie said...

Um, no. No I would not let my brother "fix" my hair. OMG. No!

LOL Shaddy! In love this. It cracked me up. And I'm so glad your brother fixed your hair for you! So cute...
I wonder if he could fix mine?


Walk said...

Yip, I'd let my brother snip the one hair I have left on my head.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

SARIE: I'll let you know when he's in town again and we'll schedule an appointment for you!! :)

WALK: I bet you'd even trust me to do that, or maybe not. :)

Sarie said...

Awesome! Thanks! :)