Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me and Major Peters

I first met Major Peters during our vacation in Florida in December.  You're going to think I've been drinking when I tell you that I met him in the refrigerator.  He was sitting on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator door.  

I took him out and fell in love with him shortly thereafter.  I spent  time with him every day of my vacation.  I'm home now.  Although I'm a married woman, I don't think I'll ever be able to live for long without him!  

You see, Major Peters is hot and spicy.

Okay, okay, enough already!!  It's time to get real.  Major Peters Bloody Mary Mix is hot and spicy.  With a shot of vodka, I'm good, .    

After work, instead of a glass of wine, I'm relaxing with a bloody mary.  Making supper is a whole different experience now.  I actually LIKE being in the kitchen.  I'm getting adventurous, trying new recipes and reviving the old.  My husband and son don't know what to make of me anymore.  Sure I stagger a bit when I'm putting food on the table but the meals are absolutely fabulous.  Just ask me and I'll tell you. 

Just so you know, Major Peters mix is available in three varieties:  Original, Hot & Spicy and The Works.  I've graduated to The Works.  It's officially my favorite.  It packs a "major" punch with every swallow.  

(Why wouldn't I be taken in by the familiar name on the label?) 

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