Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready or Not, February Is Here

2/1/12.  Two, one, one, two sounds like a dance step to me.  Grab your partner, round we go, doecy, doecy, doecy doe.  Roll out the barrel...we'll have a barrel of fun...

Sorry, I got off track.  I flipped the calendar page late yesterday and this is what I got.  Excuse the photo angle; shooting straight on I got a big gold blotch from the flash.  Oh, yeah, there's Valentine's Day, I can dig that!

Regarding the quote, I'm all for it except for the swim in the sea.

I shouldn't but I bet I'll wish February away, longing for March and another vacation on Siesta Key.

What's on your February calendar?


Annie said...

Well, getting back in the swing of things when I return to work...which means no more siestas...enjoying the spring like weather...continuing to cook more homemade meals...continuing to keep up on my writing...continuing to be thankful for all the blessings in my life. And definitely not swimming in the sea :)

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

ANNIE: When do you go back to work? Knowing you, you'll continue being thankful no matter where you are and what you're doing.

We'll leave the sea swimming to the creatures better equipped for its depths and challenges.

Have a great day, Annie.

By Nela said...

He descubierto tu blog y me ha encantado su contenido. Desde hoy lo sigo, si lo deseas te invito a conocer mi blog y si es de tu agrado, me gustaría tenerte como seguidora en mi blog para seguir en contacto. Un saludo muy cordial.

Sarah said...

What's on my February calendar? hopefully nothing, it'll take at least that long to recover from January :)

Hope your February is starting off well with lots of dancing! :)

Parrot Writes said...

The biggest commitment this month for me is the ed2go class "A Writer's Guide to Descriptive Settings." And Hubby got called to jury duty for the month, so we aren't making any plans. Maybe a romantic candlelight dinner for the 14th, yeah! Great that you get to return to Siesta Keys in March.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Well, another long trip to southeast asia is on the horizon for me this month!
Great weekend Shaddy, hope you got the relaxing massage that you deserved!

Natasha Alexander said...

You're heading back to Florida in March? Good for you! I loved your pics from the beach, and equally love the birds in your backyard.

My February is starting out awesome - I'm HOME from rehab and strutting around with these new knees like nobody's business. I figure by the end of the month I should be back to normal - oh, wait - I haven't been normal for years so why start now?

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

NELA: I think you want me to visit your blog. I don't speak or write Spanish so I'll have to pass. Have a good day!

SARIE: You're so funny! I know what you're saying. You mentioned your jaunt to Schaumburg on FB--that'll help your recovery from January for sure!! Have fun on this sunny day.

LINDA: Have fun with your writing class! Did it start already? Jury duty...yikes! Please do enjoy the 14th! My FL clothes are ready and waiting to be repacked in a few weeks. I'm a lucky gal!!

LENORE: Another trip...good for you. I hope you have a good chunk of time to do what YOU want while you're there. Oh, and yes, I loved my massage!

NATASHA: Regarding your knees, that's great news! You must be so happy to be doing so well after your surgeries. Regarding "normal" I gave up trying for that years ago. It's much more fun being myself! Don't you go after being normal either, okay? You're too cool as you are!!