Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank You, Angela

My co-worker and friend, Angela, lent me her oversize purse to use as my personal item on our flight to Siesta Key yesterday.  My tiny purse fit nicely into one corner of Angela's so I had lots of room for other items.

Angela also let me borrow her water shoes to wear snorkeling.  They worked beautifully this afternoon.

Thank you, thank you, dear friend.

(I planned to post photos from this trip here on my blog.  Unfortunately, I think I forgot to pack the USB cable that allows me to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop, but I'll keep looking for it or buy one.  The photo above was taken in December).


Gullible said...

No flash drive slot on your laptop? Get a USB flash card reader that you can plus into your laptop. They're inexpensive. We want (NEED) photos.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: It's sweet of you to encourage me to post photos. I'll do my best. Also, thanks for the tip regarding a USB flash card reader. I'm more comfortable with getting a new USB cord because I've not used a USB flash card reader before. I'm not sure the photos will go where I want them to. I'm not computer savvy.