Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vacations Are Food for the Soul

It's late afternoon on Monday.  We're enjoying a drink while we play Yahtzee before going out for dinner.  This has become a pleasant, daily habit when we vacation here on SK. 
We only played one game yesterday and Lon was the winner.  Honestly, nobody loses because we're all relaxing and enjoying the day. 
Jared spotted this red-bellied woodpecker as we were getting in our rental car to go for dinner.   
After I got the picture of the woodpecker, Jared pointed out this mockingbird to me.  This is definitely the best of the photos I snapped of it.  

We waited outside for a table at Stonewood Grill, enjoying the nice weather.  Jared and Lon were perfectly content to wait after watching a spring training game earlier in the day.  Of course, I was thrilled as always when I'm not cooking.    
Lon's a blurr.  You know how it is.  A hungry man can't stop chewing for a silly photo!!
After dinner, we came back to the condo.  An evening walk is another habit we've gotten into and a wonderful way to close the day.
I love the magical look of the lights.

Good night, 'til next time.

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