Monday, March 11, 2013

We Like Black Coffee with a Splash of SK

Although this is December's photo, it accurately shows you what we're seeing and what we're doing now in March.

As always, we enjoy our coffee from the balcony and then take a walk along the sidewalks you see in the photo.  Some of our favorite moments are spent right here.

We've been snorkeling down the beach at Point of Rocks twice.  Our wetsuits, snorkels and goggles are working well.  All we're missing now is some fish to watch and swim along with!!!  I saw a couple of sheepshead the first time out and Jared found a Florida Horse Conch the second time.  It's fun seeing the coral rock, the seashells and sea grasses up close while breathing underwater.  The water is 64 degrees so the wetsuits are invaluable.

I've taken some underwater photos which I'll post here eventually.

Bye for now!


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Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

P.S. I failed to mention that SK stands for Siesta Key, our all time favorite vacation spot.