Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Free Dental Clinic in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The dentist I work for volunteered for this Mission of Mercy free dental clinic put on by the Wisconsin Dental Association and the WDA Foundation last month.  I have included an enlarged copy of this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article below.  It's quite interesting.     

The gymnasium at Badger High School was the site of "organized chaos".  Nearly 2,000 patients received free dental care over a two-day period from more than 1,200 volunteers, including 228 dentists. 

Above is the beginning of the article. Below are the second and the final sections. 

The dentist I work for went to dental school with Robert Darling (mentioned above) and continues to stay in contact with him.

I respect and appreciate all who volunteered to make this mission possible.

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Angela Montero said...

I also work for this dentist. What a great guy for doing this!!!