Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: Shore Path Sights

We started our walk from the beach in the city of Lake Geneva. 

I used the zoom on my camera to capture this photo of the Stone Manor across the lake.  For interesting information you can go to

Every property owner on Lake Geneva is required to maintain a path for walkers across their property.  The variety of walking surfaces is endless.

The variety of homes along the lakefront is endless as well.  This, obviously, is one of the more beautiful.

This property owner hired an artist to carve eagles into the dead wood of a pre-existing tree in his yard.

I paused for a moment to hear what he had to say, but he wasn't in a talking mood.

I feel a bit awkward passing so close to the homes along the shore, but it's perfectly acceptable. 

I believe this "deer?" is fashioned of a metal material.  It loomed large in a vast open area.  Again, I zoomed in to get this close.

A wide variety of cruises are available on the lake.  The Lady of the Lake, the Grand Belle of Geneva and the U.S. Mailboat provide the following cruises:  Geneva Bay/Sundowner Tour, Ice Cream Social Tour, Full Lake Tour, U.S. Mailboat Tour, Expanded Bay Tour, Black Point Estate Tour, Luncheon Tour, Champayne Brunch, Sunset Dinner Cruise and Dixieland/Jazz Dinner Cruise.  

This map indicates the water depths throughout the lake.

The lake is on the other side of this home.  The shore path deviates from lakeside and runs along the outside of this wrought iron fence which encloses the property. 

Even so, the walk is beautiful.

We came upon this lovely wedding party as we headed toward downtown Lake Geneva for dinner at Popeye's.

I couldn't resist sneaking a couple pictures.

We passed the swim beach and the Riviera where the cruise boats dock.

This immaculate 1956 Packard was parked in Popeye's parking lot.

The wedding party made there way to The Riviera for the reception.

And heeere's POPEYE'S.  From our table inside, we faced the lake and the Riviera.

Popeye's décor is perfect for fun dining. 

We'll definitely be back to Lake Geneva several more times this summer.

The shore paths in Williams Bay and Fontana on Lake Geneva also offer grand views of the lake and of the surrounding properties.

I promise to share the sights when we walk those paths.

(I have posted more sights, this time along the north shore from Fontana, on my next two blog posts). 


Linda McMann said...

What a beautiful area - the homes are stunning! How long did it take you to walk the path? And I know why you like Popeyes - the Bloody Marys! Thanks for taking me along on your walk. I was also intrigued by the wedding party. I've never seen orange dresses for the bridesmaids before! But they were gorgeous, too!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

LINDA: Thank you for enjoying the walk with us!!! We only walked a small portion of the path the day I took these photos. The path goes all the way around the lake. We've walked several sections of it over the years.

Geneva Lake is the second deepest lake in WI. To get an idea of its size, it covers 5,500 acres, it's 152 feet deep, 21 miles around, 3 miles wide and 9 miles long.

We're going to walk the path in the Fontana area (at the opposite end of Geneva Lake) this afternoon. I can't wait to share the photos I'll take!!

Happy 4th, Linda!!