Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Popeye's Restaurant on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin

One of our favorite eating places is Popeye's on Lake Geneva.  The chicken, lamb and pork is barbecued in this building.  The restaurant is right next door.

Recently, a previous portion of the parking lot has become a seating area.  The cool blue color of the pavement and umbrellas is a great idea.

Seating along the front of Popeye's is a new addition as well.  We must be getting old because we opted for inside dining.  Of course, we always ask for a table by the window looking out on the lake.

Come on in. 

The décor is just plain fun. 

I don't recall having their clam chowder.  I save that treat for our Florida vacations.  Oh, as for the mermaid, well, there she is.

Popeye's is a pretty big restaurant.  Besides the indoor seating and the outdoor seating, a large screened-in area is also available.

I ordered the broiled fish while Lon and Bill ordered fried cod.  Potato pancakes (excellent), coleslaw (awesome), rolls and applesauce rounded out our dinners.  Lon and I enjoyed the same dinner last Friday.  Bill is still raving about the fish.

I captured this photo as we walked to our truck.  Our next stop was Williams Bay for a shore path walk.  I shared photos of the sights along the lake in a previous, recent blog post.

Something tells me we'll be back at Popeye's again this coming Friday.  And after dinner, I'll insist on another shore path walk from Williams Bay.  We'll walk in the opposite direction this time.

Enjoy whatever you're doing this summer.

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