Friday, July 5, 2013

Shore Path Sights: Fontana, Wisconsin on Geneva Lake

On the 4th of July, we drove to Fontana, a village on the west side of Geneva Lake. 

We had lunch at Gordy's before hitting the shore path.

Lon and Bill checked out the Cobalt boats for sale between Gordy's and the lake.

I love these shore paths.  It's been a few years since we've walked them so it's exciting again.

I'll be sharing photos of the homes we passed, the lake and other sights I found photo-worthy.  Come along and enjoy with me.  I've kept the photos in chronological order.


Lon and Jared did interior painting at this residence. 

The property owners of this home have quite a challenging trip down to the lake.

I'm assuming this structure is a storage building belonging to the property up the hill.

This little stream ran under the bridge we walked across.

I took pictures (142 of them) constantly as we walked.  Lon did a lot of pausing to wait for me to catch up.

The path is more rustic in this area than it was walking from the city of Lake Geneva.  It's all good though.

These homes face a park that is perpendicular to the lake shore.

I love this unique flower garden.

I hope you've enjoyed this part of our 4th of July walk.  I will continue our holiday shore path saunter on my next blog post.

Thank you for keeping me company.

(If you enjoyed these photos, there are more shore path sights on my previous and my next blog posts).

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