Friday, June 20, 2014

Alaska Journal #8: Early Morning Balcony Sights Near Ketchikan

On Tuesday, June 3rd, I awakened at 4:30 am.  We were scheduled to arrive at the port city of Ketchikan at 5:00 am so I grabbed my camera and photographed the scenery as we approached our first port stop.

It appears that the hillside is on fire and that smoke is billowing into the sky.  Fear not, it's just the clouds and morning light.

The pale aqua sky, the low-lying clouds, the mountain, the balcony railing and the water.  Although it's an incomplete sentence, it says it all.  

The slight golden glow lighting up the mountain side is a gift that I cherish.

...and then zooming out with my camera, I saw this.

Lon loves the early morning hours at home.  Me, not so much, but, I'm all about rising early when I'm in Alaska.  

The last three photos were taken of the same scene, from three varying distances; I see each one as unique and beautiful in its own way.

I held my breath, hoping a humpback whale would breach under the spotlight.

The light brings to view the trees that were invisible to me in the darkness, nonexistent in my mind.  I'm witnessing the rebirth of shades of green on this new day.

There's Lynnette, walking in her sleep.  "Open your eyes, you're missing out on the show!!"  In truth, Lynnette and Alice have been early risers forever, home in Ohio, when they visit us in Wisconsin, on vacations in FL and everywhere else they go.  Oops!  She blinked when I snapped.

Dang, at least I hope she's awake.  I don't want to witness a "woman overboard."

"Lynnette, Lynnette, are you with me?"   

Not to worry.  Lynnette and I chatted and now she has returned to her stateroom.  All is well.  Phew, I was worried.

Look what's evolved since I wasn't looking.  I'm sorry, but I'm blown away, AGAIN. 

The line up.  Who's the guilty one?

The separated rays of light in the center of this photo are impressive.

Looks like a sketching, doesn't it?  So detailed and dimensional.

"Stop the ship!!!  I want that one right there for Christmas this year."  I was quite disappointed when the steward just smiled and suggested I have a cup of coffee.

We must be nearing a civilization of some sort.  I hope all Alaskans are as friendly as Gully.

Now we're getting there.  Bring on Ketchikan.

Well, looky there.  I hope our navigator can parallel park.

Lon spotted two eagles on their nest.

I zoomed in as far as I could.

Soon we'd be setting foot in Alaska for the first time.

Today is Tuesday, June 3rd.  After being at sea since Sunday evening, we're excited about this stop in Ketchikan.



Cap Chastain said...

You wrote up at the beginning of this Post #8 words to the effect of .. "Fear not it is not a fire .." I have to tell you .. in case you or your followers do not know this fact .. we often have terrible forest-fires up here during the summer in Alaska. So bad that both Anchorage and Fairbanks can have horrific air-quality-conditions and we can almost see particulate-matter in the air and the skies are dark with the smoke.

Loved the three different 'zoom' shots of the same scene .. awesome the rays-of-light in those and many other photos. Did you shoot most of your photos with the Nikon Coolpix or another camera you had-with-you.

Totally awesome .. Cap and Patti ..

Jackie said...

Your pictures are stunning! I am going to have to get busy now and write something in my blog. Finally getting well now.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

CAP: Regarding the fires you wrote of, what a shame. Gully mentioned one that occurred shortly before we arrived in Alaska. That got my attention! Fortunately, we saw no traces of it when we were there.

I took all but a few hundred photos with my Sony HD DSC-HX300. 2,456 photos with my Sony and 273 with my Nikon. Oh, I did take a few with my Samsung tablet as well. Good grief! But I don't regret taking a single one.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

JACKIE: Please give me your blog address. I misplaced that too!!!