Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alaska Journal #16: Thursday Morning in Skagway

This was our view from the balcony when we docked in Skagway.

A little bit of everything was painted on the rock covered wall.

This narrow gauge railroad train took us up to White Pass Summit later in the day.

I'm often a few steps behind Lon when I'm using my camera.  A big bear is across from the end of the ramp, coaxing passersby to come in close to be photographed.  I'll slip by when he's not looking.

Don't worry, Lon.  You won't be in the picture.  I'm just taking one of the painted stone wall again.  (Shh.  Don't tell).

A Disney cruise ship was docked nearby.

I've been saying it averaged between 60 and 65 degrees, but this picture indicates otherwise.  

That's the direction for us.

Looking back, am I afraid they might leave without us? 

What's wrong with this picture?  Obviously, someone can't read.

A fellow offered to take our picture together.  Nice guy.  An ear warmer and gloves?  Who wears them when it's 60-65 degrees!!  
Looks like a fun place to have fresh halibut or king crab.

Wall-to-wall watercraft, of course!

I wonder how hard it would be and how long it would take for me to get up to that snow.

Here we are.

Can't wait for the train ride.

Much easier reading here.

I don't know how they did it in such a short time!  

Again, an abundance of jewelry shops.  I bought a whale tail pendant of granite and copper in a locally owned shop. 

The Red Onion Saloon, not to be confused with the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau.  I'm surprised whoever built this was allowed to use a name so similar.  Unless, this was built before the Red Dog.  If so, then how could the Red Dog mimic the Red Onion's name?

Oh, never mind. 

Unique look and then some.  It reminds me of a spook house.  It's the Arctic Brotherhood, Camp Skagway No. 1.  (Go to to learn more.  It's rather interesting). 

That's rhubarb!!  Huge rhubarb, tiny car.  How amusing is that!!  

Looking back as we take the sea walk back to the ship.
There are no billboards in Alaska, but there are other ways!!

Oops, I guess we're not going back to the ship, we're going back shopping!  Okay, Lon, if you insist.  

Weren't we here already?

Inside the saloon.

It's not nearly as busy as the Red Dog Saloon was in Juneau.  But, it is much earlier in the day.

Since we didn't spend time in the Red Dog Saloon, I made up for it here.

Bedpans on the wall; I'm glad I didn't plan on eating here.

An appropriately dressed waitress for The Red Onion Saloon.

We left the saloon and came straight back to our room.  We were greeted by this moose towel creation and a freshened up room, including:  bed made, bathroom cleaned, fresh clean towels hung and our stateroom all tidied up.

Love it.

Next time, we ride the train.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Alaska Journal #15: Our Afternoon & Evening in Juneau

We located the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau after our whale watching tour.  Gully had suggested that we check it out.

I wish now that we'd at least ordered a beer so we could sit down and get a good look around.  We have that complimentary beverage card for the cruise ship beer and we wanted to do some shopping so I snapped this photo and away we went.  Sorry, Gully.  Next time!!

When I stepped inside to take the picture, I was walking in a very thick layer of sawdust.  Must be for drinkers who waste good beer by slopping it all over the place.

Suddenly, we're at dinner.  I can't recall where this was taken on the ship.  According to my picture record, we left the Red Dog Saloon at 3:03.  This was taken at 6:46.  No pictures between 3:03 and 6:46!  What a slacker!!

Are you beginning to understand why all the photos?  Without them, my recall isn't worth a darn.

After dinner, we left the ship to wander the streets of downtown Juneau.  We found that Alaska Brewing Company has its own store.  Lon and I bought black jackets.

At 8:30, we're back at the ship again.  Only that one photo between 6:46 and now!  Thank goodness I have a few purchases to vouch for that period of time or it would be lost forever. 

It looks bigger than ever from this angle.


Here's the proof that we shopped for a while.  Lon's wearing his Alaskan Brewing Company jacket and has a shopping bag.
And I'm wearing my Alaskan Brewing Company jacket too.  Nothing like advertising that I'm a drinker.  What the heck.  All of you have known that for quite a while and who else matters!!

We went back on board the ship.

The two men in the burgundy colored jackets hold containers of hand sanitizer.  They're everywhere!!!  Using it is a necessary nuisance.  Often, we'd come up to both a self-dispensing sanitizer station and a staff member holding another container side by side.  To make sure we use it, I suppose.

The ship departed from Juneau at 10:00pm; the expected time of arrival in Skagway was 7:00am the next morning.