Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hungry Birds and Squirrels in January in Wisconsin

Squirrels are crafty. I suspect this fellow is hoping that maybe, just maybe, he can fling himself from his perch beside this birdhouse to a birdfeeder that hangs a few feet away. Sorry, Charlie, it ain't gonna happen!!

How cool is this woodpecker? He's as handsome as any bird I've ever seen.

This finch is a bit ratty-looking but I love his reddish breast and head.

Another squirrel with plans to jump onto a bird feeder. No way, Hosea!!

A junco playing it cool, awaiting just the right moment to approach the birdfeeders. 

A perfect profile Mr. Finch. I love you.

A sparrow all aflutter; it takes a lot of nourishment to flap those wings.

Five birds to the left and one to the right. Who said balance is important?

Squirrels caught playing tag up the pin oak tree... 

What could be cuter than a chickadee? Nothing that comes to my mind at this moment in time. 

This is exactly where our yard squirrels need to be, under the birdfeeders gobbling up enough to fill their stomachs and then some. 

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Cap Chastain said...

What a nice Post Shaddy. Yes those squirrels are quite accomplished at getting into what ever it is they want to get into. You seemed to have FOILED them but good.

Nice photos of the birds. All of it NICE ..