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Beer Journal #53: New Glarus' Scream IIPA, "Admiral" Stash, Road Warrior, Old Rasputin, Burning River & More

New Glarus Brewing Co.
New Glarus, WI

I fearfully sipped my bottle of Scream IIPA on 2/27/15. I soon realized I had nothing to be afraid of.

The label was brimming with information:
Drink Indigenous 

"Some people paint, some sing, others write...I brew." -Daniel Carey

"Scream (the name of the eagle on the label) pierces reality, effortlessly slicing our sky. He flies over the brewery just as Old Abe circled over Wisconsin's 8th Infantry during the Civil War. He calls us to something bigger. Scream boasts an inspired 85 IBUs. New Glarus Brewery grown estate hops join other Wisconsin grown hops to dominate this brew from Kettle Boil to Dry Hopping. You hold a deceptively seductive Original Gravity of 20.9 degrees Plato following the always 100% naturally bottle conditioned fermentation. (Huh?) Luscious Wisconsin grown and malted barley along with English Maris Otter malt is the bold heart of this lustful sensory enchantment. Surrender is inevitable so enjoy today."
Daniel & Deborah Carey

Organic Belgian Style White Ale
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

We visited the Lakefront Brewery today. I drank this beer (with two of my four tokens) on 2/28/15 in their very nice Beer Hall after our entertaining and informative tour. I used my other two tokens for beers samples during the tour. We were also given the beer glasses as part of the tour price of $8. Pretty awesome package for $8, huh?

The label states that White is brewed with organic coriander and organic orange peel.

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Eastside Dark
Lager Beer
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

I had my first taste of Eastside Dark in the Beer Hall at Lakefront Brewery on 2/28/15. Lon traded two tokens for the bottle.

Once again, I'd like to commend Lakefront Brewery for their sweet tour and their splendid Beer Hall which I've heard hosts awesome Friday fish fries.

CHEERS to Lakefront beers!!
"Admiral" Stash
Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter
Milwaukee Brewing Co.
Milwaukee, WI

I welcomed the new month of March with a porter.

The label info includes:
ABV 7.0%
That's local flavor.

Riverwest Stein Beer
All Malt Amber Lager
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

Twas on 3/2/15 when I savored this amber lager.

The label sports a bright depiction of a street in Germany.

From their website, I discovered:
5.6% ALC/VOL
"Our flagship beer, Riverwest Stein Beer, is named after the hardworking neighborhood in which Lakefront Brewery was founded."

Old Rasputin
Russian Imperial Stout
North Coast Brewing Co., Inc.
Fort Bragg, CA

3/3/15 is the day I latched onto this potent stout, "weighing in" at an impressive ALC./VOL. of 9%.

The label is glamorous in gold and black until you glimpse Rasputin. Obviously, he's not renowned for his looks.
These Russian words are on the lower half of the label: CEPAE4HbIN APYT HE POANTCR BAPYT (not the exact characters but fairly close). Translated it reads "A sincere friend is not born instantly."

The label band around the bottleneck reads thusly:
 "Brewed in the tradition of the 18th century English brewers who supplied the Russian court of Catherine the Great, Old Rasputin develops a cult following wherever it goes. It's a rich, intense brew with big, complex flavors & a warming finish."

Road Warrior
Imperial Rye India Pale Ale
Green Flash Brewing Co.
San Diego, CA

I enjoyed this ale and removed the 7 inch label (very wide as labels run) on 3/4/15.

The label bursts with facts:

Full Flavor Forward
9.0% ALC. BY VOL.        80 IBU
Taste Enlightenment * Boldly brewed * Columbus Mosaic Amarillo * Spicy Rye & Crystal Malt * Enjoy in this glass (pointing to a drawing of a short, wide glass)
Best by: 11/13/14 (oh well, better late than never)


Our Imperial Rye IPA is brewed in the name of our Road Warriors--the sales team who tirelessly hit the streets, traveling from town to town and pub to pub sharing the Green Flash experience. Road Warrior charges full flavor forward. Columbus and Mosaic hops, rich crystal and spicy rye malts pave the way for Mosaic and Amarillo dry-hopping to boldly shine through in the finish. Raise a glass to those who never settle!

My thoughts: It's awesome that Green Flash has appreciated their sales team by naming this brew in their honor. Sweet!!

Burning River
American Pale Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Cleveland, OH

I quenched my burning thirst with this pale ale during the evening of 3/5/15.

Label stats go like this:

World Beer Championships

Named after the 1969 burning of the Cuyahoga River, our American Pale Ale combines a citrusy Cascade hop flavor with a fruity assertiveness.
In keeping with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, this beer is traditionally brewed from all natural ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. No chemicals or preservatives are used.

What do you do when your river catches fire from excessive pollution? Clean it up and throw a hoppin' party! Our annual summer Burning River Fest is the premier environmental education and music festival celebrating clean water and other eco-initiatives across the Great Lakes region.

6.0% ALC/VOL
Best served at 45 degrees
For freshest taste, please enjoy by: 12/08/14. (What can I say? I have to take what I can get when I only buy beers available in single bottles). 

Steamboat Shandy
Ale with natural flavor added
Potosi Brewing Co.
Potosi, WI

To bring in the weekend this fine Friday, 3/6/15, I selected this bottle from my ever-changing collection in the refrigerator.

The label sports a photograph of a steamboat, appropriately, and it states: ALL Profits to Charity.
One more fact: 4.5% ALV/VOL.
Oh, and one more: I paid $1.19 for this beer. 

Mutiny IPA
Capital Brewery Co., Inc.
Middleton, WI

Friday, 3/6/15, was a two-beer day, this IPA being #2.

The label is striking with its multicolor presentation of the peak of the state capital building and the bright green Mutiny IPA emblem.

Other label stuff:
6.2% ALC/VOL      IBU 70

It's Time for a MUTINY!

My input: I selected this beer today to prime myself for our visit tomorrow to none other than: Capital Brewery in Middleton, only an hour north of home.


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