Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Siesta Key Spring 2015: Journal #2 (3/17)

Jared took this picture of Lon and I at Siesta Dunes just a few steps from where we parked our rental car. We're about to leave for dinner. On our vacation here, we always have a late breakfast in the condo, skip lunch and go out for dinner. It works beautifully for the three of us. We have our favorite places to eat and enjoy our evenings together over dinner. 

Earlier in the day, we got a taste of everything Florida. Of course, walking the beach is a must. It's a glorious way to catch the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the gulf waters and to feel the soft, cool, white sand under foot. On the public beach (a good walk from Siesta Dunes) we came upon this creative trio sculpturing a castle.  

On the left is one of three lifeguard stations overlooking the public beach. It's fun to visit the public beach but I'm always happy to head back to the quieter areas of the beach. I saw more people in the water all along Crescent Beach than I remember on previous vacations here.  

Kite-flying is one of many activities that we observe regularly on the beach. This one especially caught my eye. 

Fortunately, I zoomed in with my camera to take this picture. I thought it was a butterfly but was thrilled to see that it's much more than that. (Hey, Cap, what do you think of this dragon? When I downloaded it and realized what I had here, of course, I immediately thought of you. I know you'll appreciate it as I do. 

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Cap Chastain said...

Is it a Dragon .. or is it a Dragon Fly? I wonder IF one of the Chinese Dragons here in Hong Kong would have it for a snack! Thanks for the Dragon Shaddy! What nice photos all of them.