Friday, July 3, 2015

Challenge #11: Mentally Strong People Don't Fear Alone Time

In her book, 13 THINGS MENTALLY STRONG PEOPLE DON'T DO, Amy teaches us not to fear alone time.

Amy writes:

"Mentally strong enjoy and even treasure the time they spend alone. They use their downtime to reflect, to plan, and to be productive. Most importantly, they don't depend on others to shore up their happiness and moods. They can be happy with others, and they can also he happy alone."

I highly recommend Amy's book.


Cap Chastain said...

So Far So Good .. Do I spend time alone ? Hours and Hours and More Hours .. I can say the same thing for Patti who also spends quite a bit of her time alone. When I am alone I often turn off my cell phones so I can NOT be disturbed. Being an only child I grew up spending much time alone. Nice Post .. Cap and Patti ..

Anonymous said...

I absolutely require a lot of alone time. Luckily, so does Buck. When we're working on writing projects, we typically barely speak all day (except for occasional hug breaks), and then debrief over a cocktail and dinner.

Sounds like an interesting book. I'll check it out.

Gullible said...

Hmmm. And here I thought I was a recluse.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I'm most comfortable when I'm alone.