Friday, January 1, 2010

365 Fresh Opportunities To Write

Just think! All of us who love to write have today and all the rest of the year to pull words out of thin air and stick them where we most love to fasten them, that is, on our own blogs, on our friends' blogs, on our word processors, on paper and so on and so forth.

My 2010 as a writer begins again with
Stacks of useless notebooks and writing pads
Accumulated over the years
From the clearance shelves
At Staples to those in my writing room.
(I can't pass by such as these).

Cute file folders and organizers
Sit quietly, side by side,
Waiting for me to fill them.
They're also more of those
Irresistable bargains from Staples.

When will I ever use them?
With my laptop, blog and word processor
I've become fast-paced and too rushed
To pick up a pen and put my words on paper.

I fear my weakness for ancient
Writing necessities will continue
And when this year has passed
And 2011 struts in the door
My shelves will still bear the load
Of thousands of sheets of naked paper, and yes,
2010's newly acquired pale-faced recruits.

Do any of you have an old-fashioned love for spiral notebooks, composition books, journals, notepads, files, pens and pencils? Even though I don't often use them, I can't let my attachment to them die.

May we never let go of the people and things we're become attached to. I'd like to use this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate you and that I hope I'm allowed to continue with you in my life for a long, long time to come.



Annie said...

My love is the journals which inspirational pics on the front. I do use them to write down inspiring quotes. And then when the book is filled I type them out, add some inspiring pictures and make my own book of inspiration.

Elizabeth Westmark said...

I can so relate to your thoughts here. I had an extra pocket-size Moleskine lined notebook still in the wrapper that I gave to my grandson, Garrett, (the professional trucker). Once he realized what it was, I literally saw a light bulb go off in his eyes. He has already begun sending me stories from the road -- says he never leaves his truck without the little notepad. :)

Dee said...

I can not pass up journals, note pads, any type of blank paper. Not to write upon as you do, but to do my doodles. I also can not pass up a sharpie pen or one of it's cousins. I like your out look that you have 365 fresh opportunities to write. I hope you are having a Happy New years Day.

Lana Gramlich said...

Hello again, blog neighbor (I guess I'm "next" from here. You stopped by my art blog a while back.) You might enjoy my husband's blog--he's a writer, as well;
My best to you & yours in 2010!

Anonymous said...

I love them too!!! Nothing warms my heart more then a brand new notebook.

Gullible said...

Or, as Oprah is quoted as saying, "Cheers to the New Year and another chance to get it right." And, yes, I too am a paper groupie. Love paper, notebooks, etc.

Lia said...

I still write my diary on old fashioned paper and I use an ink pen to write with. Somehow it doesn't feel right if I don't.
I tried to use the computer to do it, but somehow it never quite has the right feel and you can't doodle on the pages like with paper, so there is an element missing to my mad scribbles as I like to add little drawings to the page from time to time.
In a way there is something very impersonal about the computer, it's a more intimate relationship with pen and paper. So every year I buy a new book, chose what colour ink I will spend the year writing in and breath in that wonderful smell of fresh clean white paper and look forward with anticipation to filling it out with new advewntures and little doodles.
Much love

Anonymous said...

We are kindred souls. I love leather journals and little note pads that remain in my purse. I have stacks of paper, spiral notebooks and more files that one should legally be allowed to own.

My leather notebooks get some use from time to time. My spirals usually end up just being scratch pads and when I'm finished with making my notes and using them, the pages are removed and so they still look as if they are unspoiled.

But my thumb drive is full of little tid bits. Some stories, some thoughts, and some poems.

A few months ago I started to print them and fill those empty files in my filing cabinet. Oh the wonderful things I found when I did. So much inspiration hidden in the electronic files that I can now put my hands on.

I promise you that you will remain a part of my writing journey in 2010! You are incredible and I thank YOU for being my friend.

Shaddy said...

Annie: I'm sure your journals are lovely. Not so much the cover but what you've written inside.

Beth: What a perfect gift for Garrett! I'm looking forward to hearing about what the two of you put together.

Dee: It appears many of us have a weakness for paper and writing instruments. I hope you have a great year of doodling. Just think of what you'll create in the next 363 days!

Lana: Thanks for visiting, neighbor. I wonder how long we'll remain next door to each other. I don't know how our positions in blog country are determined.

dayner: I've loved notebooks and anything with paper in it since grade school. Back then, I'd get the urge to write but didn't think I could. It took me fifty years to get up the courage to put my thoughts onto paper.

Gully: There are so many cool notebooks, journals, etc. available these days that I get dizzy when I start looking at them on the store shelves.

Lia: I'm glad you use paper and pen for your diary entries. I can understand your preference to the old fashioned way rather than writing on your computer. I like your use of a different colored ink from year to year too. I hope this year provides you with enough adventures to fill two books, as long as you still make time to write on your blog as well.

darksculptures: When you go through your past writing collections, do you often find things you can't even remember writing? I do. It blows my mind in an awesome way.

Natasha/Nancy said...

I too have a pile of notebooks -- I love the way they look and they are SOOO inviting.


I still do most of my writing on the computer. My handwriting stinks and I have a tendency to lose those adorable little notebooks. I'm still bummed because I kept a pretty detailed journal in one of our road trips this past year and I have no idea where it is.

And, yeah, when I go back and look at some of my old ramblings, I'm amazed at what I wrote -- some good, some bad, and some 'hey, who wrote that?'

Shaddy said...

Natasha: Hey, did I write that!! Those are my words more often than not when I look back at stuff I wrote a few years ago. Not meaning to be boastful, I'm usually pleasantly surprised with what I find in the archives. I guess that's what keeps me interested in writing.

Anonymous said...

Shaddy I get a new AT A Glance diary every year , the first few days are quite legible then comes the hurried scribbling , I have been doing this for many years, I can always look back at data from other years, it comes in quite handy at time. Auntie wishes you A HAPPY NEW YEAR

Shaddy said...

Auntie: Mom told me years ago that Marcie used to keep track of what she'd done in a book like you do. I didn't know you did it too.

It's great to have a record that you can refer to if the need arises.

Anonymous said...

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