Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm An American Idol Groupie

Normally, I don't watch television. I'd rather use my free time to read or write. Unfortunately, I'm addicted to American Idol. Lo and behold, this season's competition begins this evening. Every year I resent being drawn away from my favorite pasttimes, but every year I find myself glued to the television for more hours per week than I want to admit.

I suppose I could take my laptop with me to the family room which would allow me to make positive use of the excessive commercial breaks. I normally never sit through commercials. I jump up and rush to brush my teeth, wash my face, pick out my wardrobe for the next day, pack my workout clothes and other such necessities. It's amazing what can be done during lulls in the show.

I'd like to be a contestant on American Idol, but I hesitate. I only have one song that I can sing without emptying a room. I can belt out Paper Roses quite brilliantly (well, maybe not that well) with Lon as my captive audience, that is, as long as he has a cold Miller in his hand and a few empty bottles strewn beside his chair.

What would you sing if you were auditioning for American Idol? Or, is your dream to be a judge on the show?

Of course, to be honest with you, I wouldn't go on American Idol for anything, even if I could sing.


Lia said...

Paper roses what a classic. I'm not sure what I would sing. You see I am a terrible singer, mind that doesn't stop me from trying to belt them out and believing that I sound great. The kids have been known to beg me to not sing and that they really will do thier chores if only I would shut up. It's a great tool for getting them to do what I want. lol
much love

Anonymous said...

Oh what would I sing - I would sing Mistral Wind by Heart. It wouldn't get me on the show, but I love that song.

I was trained to sing Aria's - I'm a Soprano, but stage fright got the best of me when I turned 20 and so I gave it up. (I regret that by the way.)

I have managed to keep the vocal cords stretched, but I can not longer hit a High C. I don't think the neighbors complain about that.

Okay, so now you know something completely dorky about me. LOL


I'd shatter the camera lens with my voice Shaddy!
Can't wait to watch the new season...minus Paula~


Anonymous said...

I would never go on American Idol. I can't sing and I don't think I could pick just one song. I would never want that much attention. I like my quiet life. I would never want to be famous.

Natasha said...

I watched American Idol once, about 4 years ago. We were at a dinner at a friend's house, and American Idol came on. It was the final session of the season and they were picking the big winner.

Everyone crowded into the bedroom and sat mezmerized in front of the TV there. No one spoke. A and I realized that we were seriously out of it -- we'd never heard of any of these characters. And the guy who won (can't even remember his name) sang off-key!!! I couldn't believe it.

That said, I did watch Susan Boyle's amazing performance on YouTube after the fact (wait, she wasn't on American Idol, was she?) and was really moved -- both by her talent and her story.

I do enjoy singing, and I like singing in front of a (small) audience. But I am well aware of the limitations of my talent and being on American Idol is totally out of the question.

DS, I'm an alto. Maybe we can do a duet sometime!

Shaddy said...

Lia, darksculptures, Lenore, dayner and Natasha: Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts.

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