Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking Back

************For the heck of it, I thought it might be fun for us to share some things about ourselves. I'm curious to know how many brothers and/or sisters you grew up with and the influence you had on them or they had on you.

Here's my story. I grew up with four brothers, two older and two younger than me, and zero sisters. (Seated in the 1955 photo above in our pajamas from left to right are: Tommy, Bobby, Shaddy, Carly and Johnny). If you can picture us as a sandwich, I was the sweet inner layer nestled between two slices of bread on my left and two on my right. If you were to ask my brothers, I'm sure they'd differ with me on that description. I suspect they'd compare me to the fuzzy mold that grows on bread when it gets pushed to the back of a pantry shelf and eventually reappears in its multi-colored and shocking glory!

Being the only girl, I suspect I MAY have been spoiled upon occasion, similar to that disgusting loaf of bread I mentioned earlier. Crying got me out of drying dishes and into pretty clothes I just HAD to have.

My younger brothers suffered greatly under my attempts to teach them addition and subtraction in mock classroom settings. I operated under a "spare the rod and spoil the child" teaching method. Poor Carl and John! It never dawned on me that fear is NOT an effective tool for instruction. In contrast, my older brothers wisely kept their distance from me to avoid similar unpleasant encounters.

I'll only dig myself deeper into the depths of humiliation if I continue on, thus, I turn the stage over to you.

Tell me your most revealing sibling stories. Remember, true confessions reap repentance and hope for possible forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

Auntie is taken back to good old days, when you cute kids were this size. My family consisted of only girls as you well know, I was the youngest of 3 and like you was probably a bit spoiled. I could do no wrong in my mothers eyes, and I did a few.
I do know that my parents would not leave me alone with my two older sisters, why do you think that was? Because they were mean to me. Of course as we got older that all changed and we were all very close.

Shaddy said...

Auntie: You poor girl! I had no idea my mother could be so naughty. That must be where I inherited my dark side!

Anonymous said...

I'm the youngest of two girls. We grew up in a small home with only two bedrooms in Florida.

My sister and I shared a room, which wasn't much fun for either of us. We were extreme opposites from hair color to taste in music. The result was a lot of fighting.

We were grounded for a week once and couldn't leave our room, because "someone" stuck a Band-Aid to the back of our bedroom door and would not confess. (Not me).
Once I was grounded for having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich smashed between my box spring and mattress. (Again not me). .

My sister was the mean one of the two. I was a Tomboy but happy go lucky--Until I turned five and was old enough to retaliate.

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: I'm glad your sister didn't plaster a Band-Aid over your mouth like Shaddy did in my novel!!

No wonder you don't like the cold; it appears you've lived in FL always or at least for a good share of your life.

Thanks for reading and commenting. I owe you.

Annie said...

I am the middle one. I have an older brother, by 5 years and a younger sister, by 18 months. I remember my brother 'beating' up kids in the neighborhood who bullied my sister and I. But the most funny story, now of course because I have boys, was when my brother hid under my sister's bed. As my sis and I went to bed, we shared a room, we turned off the lights and just as both of us were falling asleep, my lovely brother jumped out from under the bed, screaming and scaring us both half to death. Yes, he did get in trouble. Now I think it was pretty funny and ingenious of him to taunt us. When my youngest son was about 4, he pulled somewhat of the same prank on me. I came home from work, and walked in my bedroom. Since I rarely make the bed, it was a mess!! I bent down to get in and my son jumped up, yelling at the top of his lungs!!! Yea, the little twerp scared the heck of me!!! But instead of getting mad, I looked at him and said, "That was a good one!" I have since tried scaring him, to no avail. Maybe someday....:)

Shaddy said...

Annie: Thank you for sharing some of your memories. It's nice that you were able to appreciate your son's prank, seeing the similarity of it to your brother's prank of long ago.

Lia said...

I have a complicated family set up, that would take an age to explain. It would be easier to make my own post about it, than to take up space on your blog. I'll try and get round to it very soon, but where to start, lol.
much love

Shaddy said...

Lia: Thanks for stopping in.

Walk said...

I have one brother whom is five years older. One memory is he coming home with his best friend after playing golf. They started picking on me, making me do his chores and such. They left to go to town, we lived one mile out of town, no close neighbors just open farm land. I took his golf bag out and hit all his golf balls across the road into a field. I never told him and I don't know if he ever missed them, but I'd like to have seen his face the next time he got ready to tee off.

Anonymous said...

You prompted me to write a short bit about my brother and sisters that I put on my blog, instead of taking up your valuable space. It is at

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I was the only child out of my parents marriage. I used to yearn for a brother or sister. And I tended to hang with friends who had lots of them.

As time went on I got two half brothers, but they're both young enough to be my sons. We try to keep in touch to some extent. But with the difference in years and the fact that their mother and I have never gotten along well, I doubt we'll ever really be close.

I know sibs can make you very angry when you're growing up. But I really feel that I've missed something.

Shaddy said...

Walk: Way to go, Walk...sweet revenge...shouldn't taste so good but it often does.

parrot-writes: I'll be checking it out ASAP.

Mary Anne: I took my brothers for granted when I was younger but feel differently as the years go by. I'm glad you had friends to help fill the gap.

Parrot Writes said...

Again, I thank you for this prompt. After writing the story about my siblings, and hearing from my brother, I am now embarking on a misson to write about my sister's too-short life's journey.