Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Cherished Book Collection

Many, many years ago, while visiting my cousin, Lynnette, I fell in love with her beautiful collection of leather-bound books. She had acquired these volumes from the Easton Press which features the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written.

Even though, at the time we couldn't easily afford it, I also joined the book club. Over the months and years that followed, I accumulated quite a collection. I eventually cancelled my subscription, but am considering signing up again in order to add some more classics to my bookshelves.
Each volume features: 22kt gold accents, illustrations, moire fabric end-sheets, gilded page-ends, and a satin-ribbon page marker.

If you go to the Eaton Press website,, you can view the wide variety of collections available.

I've included some photos of my collection. I don't normally indulge myself with such extravagances, but I've never regretted these acquisitions.
I recently reread Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I'm searching for the DVD by the same name whereby I can see the story brought to life. Last weekend, I watched the latest movie version of Pride and Prejudice and truly loved it. So now, I'm planning to reread that classic novel once again. I absolutely never tire of reading literature of this quality and timelessness.
(If you missed it, you may want to go to my previous post titled: What's a Married Woman Doing With a Date Book?)


Gullible said...

Why would you think we wouldn't we like these posts? I liked them, and I'm sure others will also. I, too, have quality books with great care taken to their paper, cover, font, etc. I cherish them.

Shaddy said...

Gully: I mentioned my previous post just in case any of my readers had missed it. I was trying to be funny with my comment about not liking either post. I guess my humor bombed! I'll go back and reword it. Thanks for your enlightening comment.


They are so gorgeous Shaddy!
...down to the 22k gold detailing~

Anonymous said...

My heart fluttered as soon as your page loaded..I thought, Shaddy posted this just for me. (okay I realize it was for everyone, but induldge me.)

My husband purchased my first book that had been printed by this press last year. My signed copy of Martian Chronicles. My collection so far only consist of six books, but every time I add one I feel like a little peice of heaven has dropped down from the sky and landed on my bookshelf.

Great post Shaddy! The picture are also very beautiful. Your camera was well worth the investment.

Shaddy said...

Lenore: Those on your post of yesterday were awesome as well.

darksculptures: I figured most of my writing friends would enjoy looking at and reading about books. You can hardly be a writer without first loving books.

I hope heaven keeps dropping beautiful gifts to your bookshelves!

Lia said...

That is such a lovely collection of books.
Love the pictures. I really enjoyed that post.
Much love

Shaddy said...

Lia: I'm so glad you enjoyed my post.

Natasha said...

Ah, I envy you sitting down to such a lovely edition of Pride and Prejudice! Jane Austen would be pleased. So fitting for Pemberley!

Thanks for sharing a little bit more of your world.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I love books. I am one book short of having an entire set of first edition UK version Harry Potter books--naturally the one I'm missing is the first, it's worth about 40k. It took me almost a year to collect them off of Ebay.
My husband's Oma has a really old (not sure how old) set of Gone With The Wind books printed in Dutch. They are so pretty. Next time I visit I'll have to look at the printing dates. I know they're older than I am.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome collection,the envy of you know who. Auntie agrees what a nice hobby and must be easy for family to buy you a present.

Shaddy said...

Natasha: It's amazing how much enjoyment I can get from picking up one of my cherished books, feeling its weight and turning its lovely pages.

dayner: The books you mentioned sound awesome.

Auntie: If you know who wants to borrow any of my collection, just say the word and I'll deliver it to him.