Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Trail Run For Fun

The first map shows the entire three-mile route. The second and third maps are closeups of the first map.

************I'm running again, not from the law, not from a pursuer and "for no particular reason." Of course you all remember Forrest Gump. I'm running for the same reason he did only on a much smaller scale.

The facility where I workout, NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus, has trails that run through the many acres of property that surround it and the adjacent assisted living facility. The map above shows the layout of the paths. (It's a bit crumpled since I carried it with me a few times until I learned the three-mile route).

Now that the weather is pleasant, I'm ready and willing to take my exercising outside whenever possible.

The running/walking path surface is mainly asphalt with a few sections of crushed limestone. I like running outside on these trails which meander through sloping wooded areas teeming with violet and white wildflowers. The route I run takes me past a pond fed by a mini-waterfall and lined with attractive dark brown metal benches for those who wish to sit and relax by the water.

After I run, I change into my swimsuit and swim fourteen lengths of the pool. Running contracts my leg muscles, whereas, swimming lengthens them. A run followed by a swim works well for me and the combination leaves me relaxed and refreshed.
(Read about "Blooming Tea" in my previous blog post).


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

haha...good to know you're a law abiding citizen! All the best Shaddy, you're so inspiring!!

Vanessa said...

Very impressive, and good for you!! I can only imagine having the energy or motivation to do so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh i wish I could run. I'm a runner at heart.
Enjoy your outdoor exercise, I think I'll go for a walk and wish I was running.

Anonymous said...

Auntie wants to know . are you alone on these runs, you know I don't like that. Is this a totally secure trail.

Shaddy said...

Lenore: There are no speed limits on the trails so I can go as fast as I want without fear of getting a ticket!! HaHa

Vanessa: I felt better yesterday after my 3 mile run and my swim than I did before I arrived at NorthPointe. That's normally the case but it never ceases to amaze me.

dayner: Enjoy your walks; you can enjoy the scenery better when you're walking than if you were running.

Shaddy said...

Aunt Babe: Yes, I run by myself and no, the trails aren't totally secure. The majority of the trails are in full view from the facilities.

Gullible said...

What do you think it means when you post this story THE DAY AFTER I wondered if you still ran outdoors instead of exercising indoors at North Pointe? Think I might still have some of the esp stuff hanging on, even though I've been trying to ignore it for almost fifty years?

Shaddy said...

Gully: My subconscious must have picked up on your mind's wondering. Or better yet, your wondering mind triggered my mind to respond to your thoughts. Either way, the coincidence is something to wonder about.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I admire your persistence when it comes to taking care of yourself. You set a fine example for women everywhere.

I think of you as I'm doing my Physical Therapy and walking on the treadmill. You are my inspiration.

Maybe I'll paint a mural on the wall in front of me. One of a nice forest with with old Cypress trees, moss, mushrooms and little critters. I could even plug in a tranquility CD of forest sounds. Then I could be running along side you in mind and in spirit!

Shaddy said...

darksculptures: I'll be thinking of you when I'm running as well!