Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Physically I'm Good; Mentally It's Questionable

(I wrote this on Sunday but posted it today, Tuesday).

Guess what? I'm up to my old tricks again. Well, not exactly tricks, more like, recurring compulsive behaviors.

A few weeks ago while I was in the locker room at NorthPointe, a woman asked me if I was training for the triathlon to be held in June. She said she'd seen me working out quite often and suspected I was going to compete in the upcoming event.

"No, I'm not," was my reply. "I've done a couple triathlons in the past but I've no plans to do another one. Been there, done that."

That brief conversation started the gears in my mind turning and spewing out thoughts of swimming, biking and running, all activities I've not been doing for many, many months. I've been exercising regularly but not in those particular forms.

I decided to pretend I'm going to participate in the triathlon. I started running on April 27th and swimming on May 2nd. I rode my bike once on May 9th for a distance of about 16 miles. I initially used thoughts of the triathlon as motivation to get me back into running, swimming and biking.

Much to my dismay, my pretending has evolved into seriously considering taking part in the event. Listen to this craziness. I toted my bike on the back of the truck to NorthPointe this morning and with the route map in hand rode my bicycle on the 17-mile triathlon route. After I accomplished that, I couldn't resist attempting to attack the 3-mile triathlon run route. After the first mile, I walked occasionally and made it through the entire 3 miles. At this point, the pool sounded delicious. The cool water felt so good that I rather easily completed the 14 lengths which is equivalent to 350 yards.

Thus, I know I can accomplish the demands of the triathlon. Now I must decide if I really want to do all three activities again, back-to-back. Running and then swimming or biking and then swimming is a good workout, but swimming, biking and running the distances mentioned above becomes quite grueling at best.
Regarding my age, I see that I'm nearly beyond the age groups listed on the entry form! Do you think once I turn 65, they'll refuse my entry form, ban me from the event, tell me I'm too old and an unnecessary liability risk, or will they, perhaps, add a rocking chair relay?
I suspect it's likely that if I participate, I'll be the only female competitor in the 60-64 age group. If that's the case, I'd earn an award even if I floated for a while on my back in the pool, stopped and ate a picnic lunch during the biking portion and took a refreshing nap in the woods beside the running path. I'd miss the award ceremony but who wants to see an old lady wearing a medal around her neck anyway?
The last triathlon I entered was two summers ago. I spent six months preparing for it. I'm quite astonished that I was able to go the distances today after less than 4 weeks training. Granted, I did walk some but still, my recent training is slight in comparison.

Good grief! I just took the entry form off of my bulletin board to photograph it for this post. What in the world!!! I'm off my rocker regarding the triathlon date. The entry form states it will be held on June 12th, not June 5th as I thought. In other words, I have nearly three weeks to deliberate over the matter. I wonder how many times I can change my mind in the next twenty days.

I'm really screwed up in my mind. To tell you the truth, besides erring on the event date, I also mistakenly thought that June 5th was this coming Saturday. I must be going freaking mad!

Thus, in summary, physically I'm good; mentally, it's questionable.


Vanessa said...

I'm very impressed with you being as active as you are little own contemplating a triathlon!!! Either way you're way ahead of me :)

Here's my opinion, take it or leave it... I think you should enter and give it a shot. Why even if you don't get as far as you'd like, you will know that you gave it your all and you won't have to wonder what would have happened if you didn't! AND just think about the possibility of crossing that finish line well ahead of many others. Make a goal, say top 100 and see what happens. Good luck!

I'm rooting for you either way!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Vanessa. If you are feeling up to the challenge - Do it while you can!

I'll be right here cheering you along with picnic basket in hand You know - in case that Shaddy spot along the bike path ends up being an irresistable distraction.

*My verification word was Trysta! That must be a sign**

Parrot Writes said...

I'm so proud of you! I think you will decide to go for it!! If you do, I'll be with DS cheering you on! I'll bring the wine for the picnic whenever you are ready for it!!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Shaddy you're inspiring!
It's the balance of body, mind & soul we should strive for...I have a problem in this dept! haha...

Gullible said...

So you think you might be nuts? Hey, jump in. The water's fine!

Sarah said...

Go for it honey!!!! It sounds like you've already made up your subconscious mind???? DO IT SHADDY!!!


Anonymous said...

Auntie says NO NO don't do it. You have nothing to prove, like you said, you've been there and done that.
I think your present exercise program is ENOUGH.Love

Walk said...

Either way, I'm impressed that you can cover the distance, whether you walked or ran the whole way. You and Ms Millie (she's in her 70's and buff) inspire this ole fat boy to get busy and exercise, who knows, I may get out there and compete someday. Do they let you use a banana seat on your bike?

Shaddy said...

VANESSA: I appreciate that you're rooting for me either way! I can't lose with support like that.:)

DARKSCULPTURES: Your offer of a picnic basket is an invaluable motivating tool!

PARROT: A picnic with wine; now you're talking! Yes, indeed. I'd have two reasons for staggering across the finish line!

LENORE: I'm off balance as well, but accustomed to the resulting seesaw motion as I go about my daily doings. I strive for balance but I fear that I wouldn't know how to cope without wobbling.

Oh well, we can wobble together and what a time we'll have! :)

GULLY: I KNOW I'm nuts and I've convinced myself to just go with it because as you indicated, I'm not alone.

SARIE: It's so good to hear from you. I've missed your friendship and support. Welcome back!

DEAR AUNT BABE: You're so sweet. I know you're looking out for me and only want me to stay safe and sound (that's a stretch!) I understand your thinking and may end up listening to your advice. I'm still walking the fence. It's just that I know I can do the tri without hurting myself so it's tempting. If I do it, I won't be pushing hard, only going at a steady pace.

I must frequently frustrate you with some of my doings!! I don't mean to, but I know I do.

I bet you're thinking: If I was her mother, I'd make Cherie listen to me. Fortunately for you, I'm only your stubborn and wayward niece.

Mom told me once that she wouldn't listen to advice either. So I guess I'll say that it's all her fault. I'm so naughty!

Shaddy said...

WALK: As long as you wear a helmet, they don't care what kind of bicycle you ride. So I reckon I'll see you on the 12th!!??

It's great to hear from you. Have you burned all the tread off your CTS' tires yet?

annie said...

JUST DO IT!!!!!!! GO GIRL, GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!
And who cares how old you are? You may even show the younger ones a thing or two with your spunk!!
I have been interval training...walking, power walking, jogging and then back and forth. I know I am not up to a triathlon but I have thought about doing a 5K as long as I can walk some of it. Keep us posted!!!

Shaddy said...

Annie: You go girl! I hope you go ahead and do a 5K. I've never heard of a run that banned walking thus you're good to go.

Thank you for the encouragement regarding the triathlon.