Friday, March 2, 2012

Do You Think I'm Cheesy?

I tasted samples of this cheese last week when I was grocery shopping.  Honestly, I helped myself to three toothpick speared chunks.  I was hungry after working out and after tasting one, I snuck back again and again. 

I wanted to take some of this cheese home.  That is, until I saw the price sticker.  I sighed and walked away.

Fortunately, a week later, I caved in and bought some of this awesome cheese.  It reminds me of a very, very, very sharp cheddar but its texture is different.

Thanks to my friend, Sarie, I'm taking a broader look at foods.  I'm looking forward to exposing myself to an assortment of new tastes this year.

(After writing the title to this blog post, I looked up the word "cheesy" in the dictionary.  I found "shoddy" among the synonyms.  Many of you know my nickname is Shaddy).

Shaddy.  Shoddy.  I'm only a letter away from being cheesy!!


Gullible said...

Shaddy, please don't expose yourself to new foods in public places or you might have to do all your shopping online from home.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

GULLY: You can't imagine how I struggled to get the point of your comment. I had to go back and reread my post and then your comment again before it dawned on me!!!

I bet you didn't mean to cause me such strenuous mental strain.

(My first thought was that you were warning me that I might get sick to my stomach after sampling unfamiliar tastes. I surely would be embarrassed if I threw up right there while other shoppers were in the area. I probably wouldn't want to return to that store too soon!!)

Now that I get what you were saying, it's so very, very obvious. Oh well, it's Saturday and my brain is chilling.