Monday, March 12, 2012

In Lieu of Photos, Here's Haiku

My camera battery died, my mistake.    Lacking photos to show, I wrote verse instead.

In a nice lounge chair
I watch the waves washing in.
Never, ever done.

The sky once clear blue
Hides behind puffy white clouds
Yet peeks out, see it?

A swim early morn,
Then breakfast and a long stroll
Earn me some down time.

I came upon friends
On the beach from times gone by.
We stopped to catch up.

In my chair I read
And work on crossword puzzles,
Finally, I write.
I write some"haiku."
First and third lines each contain
Just five syllables.

The second line must hold
Seven syllables, it's true.
That's the rule, you see?

I think of something
And gather the words I need
To express myself.

It's easy to do.
Just remember to count them.
Syllables matter.

To master "haiku"
Grand eloquence just won't do.
Choose words carefully.

Haiku is a type of verse that consists of three lines as described above.  It's actually not all that easy although practicing helps.  After getting the rhythm, it moves right along.  (I bet I looked funny, counting on my fingers this afternoon on the beach as I wrote!)


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