Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brrrr...Birds in the Winter

Jared gave us a heated birdbath a few years ago.  It works well as long as someone keeps it full of water.  Lon loves that job...can you tell?  Thank God he does because I don't like being out in the cold at all. 

These icicles caught my eye.  I don't recall ever seeing icicles leaning sideways. 

Lon took these photos of our snow-covered birdhouses.  He thought they should go on my blog.  So here they are!!

Besides keeping the birdbath full, Lon fills all of our birdfeeders regularly.  The seed, peanuts and suet go fast at this time of the year.  

The birdbath and these feeders are just a few feet from the table where we eat.  It's a joy to observe the splendid variety of birds who stay with us all year round.  

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