Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Latest Report on My Experimental Container Garden

I'm pleased to report that my tomatoes are beginning to turn red.  The color showed up yesterday. 

I  must apologize to these unusual looking tomatoes.  A week or so ago, I accused them of making faces at me.  They're definitely my favorites today.  (Uh oh.  Favoritism and conditional love are bad things). 

My cucumbers are almost ready to eat.  They are heavier than I expected them to become.  It's weird but after nurturing these veggies, I'm not real eager to eat them.  After all, they're my masterpieces. 
I'll harvest these two the same day.  They've become so close, I don't have the heart to take one and leave the other.

I have two sweet peppers.  They are lagging behind the tomatoes and cucumbers in development but are coming along just fine. 

That's the latest news about my experimental garden.


Beth said...

Your container garden looks great! You're as nutty as me, being a little reluctant to eat your veggie babies. I love it.

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

BETH: Oh good, I'm not alone!! Thanks, Beth. I hope all is well with you and Buck.