Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beer Journal #57: Blue Moon First Peach Ale, Circus Boy, 2015 Beer Camp, UFO & More

First Peach Ale
Brown Ale/Seasonal Collection
Blue Moon Brewing Co.
Golden, CO

I truly enjoyed this beer at Siesta Dunes on Siesta Key, FL, on 3/18/15. I purchased it at Publix.

Label treasures:
5.6% ALC. BY VOL.
"With one foot in winter and the other in spring, we crafted this Belgian-inspired Brown Ale with flavors of peach and coriander to complement both. It has a tart taste balanced by caramel malts for the cooler days and peach notes for the warmer ones."

My thoughts:
I like the concept of "one foot in winter and the other in spring..." I got my hands on this beer at exactly the right date.

Lager Margarita
Cerveza Dos Equis
Imported from Mexico

I drank this during the spring training ball game at McKechnie Field in Bradenton, FL, on 3/18/15.

Messages on the can:
7.2% ALC. BY VOL.
"Introducing the original Dos-A-Rita. Handcrafted in Mexico, the Dos-A-Rita combines two traditional Mexican favorites: the Margarita and Dos Equis Lager. Sweetened with 100% Agave Nectar, this great tasting blend of authentic margarita flavors and lager makes a perfectly balanced and satisfying combination. Served cold over ice, it is the perfect complement to a summer day or an interesting night."

My thoughts:
I broke my rules when I bought this beer. I don't have a label for my beer album. But then, rules are meant to be broken, right?  

Spiced Banana Wheat
Belgian-Style Wheat Ale/ Limited Edition
Shock Top Brewing Co.
St. Louis, MO

I had this beer on 3/19/15 during our vacation on Siesta Key, FL. I purchased it at Publix.

Label facts:
5.5% ALC. BY VOL.
"Brewed with citrus peels, honey, spice and banana, with natural flavors.
To serve, pour down side of glass until 1/2 inch is left in bottle. Swirl and pour remaining brew to release the aroma and flavor. Enjoy!"

My input:
I failed to read the pouring directions. It was great anyway!

Circus Boy
Magic Hat Brewing Co.
S. Burlington, VT

I sipped this treasure in my cabana beside the Gulf of Mexico on 3/20/15. I found this at Publix.

Label stats:
4.5% ALC./VOL.
"Unfiltered and unfettered. The ancient ritual of brewing a distinctly rich and flavorful beer is a performance to behold. Our mysterious melange of time-honored ingredients harmonize with chaotic chemistry, humble patience and blind faith to create this unique beer to share in the rousing company of kindred spirits. Cheers!"

My input:
Gotta love the label narrative!

Pay The Ferryman
Cerveceria Mexicana
Imported from Mexico

I was at Mr. Bones on Anna Marie Island on 3/20/15 when I rescued bottle that was swimming with its friends in icy cold water. He was none the worse for the experience.

Label stats:
5% Alc./Vol.
"Day of the Dead Beer"

My input:
I was concerned that the label would be somewhat ruined by having soaked in water but it came off beautifully.

Long Hammer
Redhook Ale Brewery
Woodinville, WA*Portsmouth, NH*Portland, OR*Memphis, TN

While enjoying my cabana, I drank this IPA early afternoon on 3/21/15. (Purchased at Publix).

Label stuff:
6.2% ALC. BY VOL.
"Redhook is a big fan of dry hopping, which sounds much dirtier than it is."

My input:
Let's keep it spotlessly clean, boys!  
Audible Ale
"A Crushable Ale"
Redhook Ale Brewery
Woodinville, WA*Portsmouth, NH*Portland, OR*Memphis, TN

Late afternoon on 3/21/15, I savored this ale which I purchased at Publix.

Off the label:
"Fill your passion bucket with the ultimate crushable ale."
"A crushable ale brewed in collaboration with Dan Patrick of The Dan Patrick Show."

Malt Beverage with Natural Flavors Added
Shipyard Brewing Co., LLC
Portland, Maine

I savored this refreshing beverage in our cabana on 3/22/15.

Label info: 4.5% Alc./Vol.

2015 Beer Camp
Hoppy Lager
Spring Seasonal
Available One-Time Only
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Chico, CA & Mills River, NC

I discovered this beer on 3/23/15 at Capt. Curt's Restaurant on Siesta Key.

Label treasures:
7.0% Alc. By Vol.
55 IBU
Purest Ingredients      Finest Quality
"This hop-heavy beer combines intense citrus and floral hop flavors with the clean, classic malt body of a hearty blonde lager for a crisp but aggressive take on the India Style Pale Lager."
"Last summer we teamed up with San Diego's ? Point for a hop-head twist on a crisp lager. We remixed this encore which is loaded with whole-cone hops in the brew kettle and in our Hop Torpedo to deliver a bold aroma backed by smooth malt flavor."

Raspberry Ale Zinger
Harpoon Brewery
Boston, MA & Windsor, VT

On 3/23/15, I had this beer with dinner at Capt. Curt's.

Label stuff:
4.8% Alc/Vol
"Fresh off the vine and straight from the brewery."
Unfiltered offering.

Extra Pale Ale
Sweetwater Brewing Co.
Atlanta, GA

In our cabana, on 3/25/15, I sipped this Sweetwater brew.

Label stats:
"Don't float the mainstream!
Drink 'em if you got 'em
Bottle conditioned for your pleasure!"

"A tasty west coast style pale accentuated by a stimulating hop character. First conceived in our bat cave on 4-20, this kind beer keeps the wheels on the bus going round and round."


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