Sunday, February 9, 2020

My Little Snowdrift of Thoughts

Why do I have a blog?

I don't blog about anything exclusively. I just enjoy writing, enjoy expressing how I feel about what's happening in my life or simply sharing what's on my mind. That's it. That's the answer to my opening question. I take that and run with it on impulse. 

Usually after slight deliberation, I have a subject that floats to the surface of my consciousness. Today, nothing is coming forward. To kill time, I will write about what I see:  As I look out my window, directly above my laptop screen, I see snow falling on our front yard, on the road and on the neighbor's house and yard. Since early today, we have received a few inches and are expecting a few more before nightfall. 

I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:00 in Roscoe, IL, only a few miles from here. I don't foresee any travel problems but do miss our Silverado pickup truck when there is snow. I haven't driven very much with our GMC Terrain on treacherous roads so it's something to be concerned about. I'll allow plenty of time to get to NorthPointe. I should be fine. I may go to a class at the YMCA early morning depending on what I decide after I wake up.

To go or not to go. That is my biggest dilemma now that I'm retired. Whereas, for 28 years, I went to my place of employment Monday through Friday, now I am free to go wherever, whenever, within reason. My decision making skills are getting daily opportunities, thus I'm hopeful that before long, I will be a polished, practiced retiree, capable of navigating through the many hours in my days with little concern. 

It just dawned on me that rather than posting everything I put on my blog, I could make my entries entirely for myself, as a journal of sorts. I believe that writing one's thoughts can be therapeutic. Over the years, I have kept spiral notebook journals somewhat regularly. Somewhat means I've made months of daily entries and then have gone months and even years without a word. Perhaps regularly is the wrong adverb. Intermittently may be more accurate.

Sitting here at my laptop, I'm operating without much inspiration. That's a good reason to bring this post to a close. 

Solitary words aren't my choice for this post. Today, I will share and hope it is worth reading. 




Cap said...

Here is a link Shaddy to one of my elder posts. I hope it gets uploaded for you.

I talk about Julia Cameron in the above post and her great book, The Right to Write. I pass this along because this is exactly what you are doing. So just keep on with the keeping on.

Smiles from Cap and Patti

Cheryl Peters said...

I will enter the link in my search engine and hopefully get to your post. The author and book sound familiar.

Thank you for reading my post,

Cheryl Peters said...

I couldn’t click on the link you entered in your above comment so I copied it down and googled it. It didn’t take me to your post about Julia Cameron. Shucks.