Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween at our House

Since we're too old to go trick or treating, we enjoy Halloween by resurrecting our pumpkins, spiders, and witches from storage in the basement. We place them where we spend most of our time, that is, in the kitchen and family room.

When we unpacked this colorful pumpkin-head, he used his sport shoes to run and jump up on this mini bale of hay. He's perfectly content to watch our activities from his perch atop the scratchy hay.

I warned this guy, "One too many caws out of you and I'll fold you up and stash you away." I don't know what he does while we're gone, but I haven't heard so much as a peep out of him when we're home.

I adore my witch trio. Their colors, expressions and antics make me smile. Their skinny arms are bendable. (Don't tell anyone that I got them at the Dollar Tree).

In the evening, we light a candle behind this decorative pumpkin and enjoy the glow that shines through the moon and star shaped openings. Help yourself to some corn candy.

I hesitate before I reach for the remote these days. In fact, I haven't watched TV since we let him loose. He's definitely a control freak!

This funny fellow bounces up and down gleefully when I bump him as I walk by.

The darling Halloween napkins/coasters are a new addition to our decor.  My good friend, Sarie, made them and mailed them to me.  This gift was a total surprise.  They arrived in the mailbox today.  Don't you just love people who are creative and  generous as well?  Sarie remembered that Lon and I love Halloween stuff because last year at this time, I posted pictures on my blog of our favorite pieces.  A few days ago, Sarie requested that I post pictures again this year.  As you can see, I'm happy to do so.

Do you decorate, dress-up and go out, eat lots of candy or do something unspeakable, like smashing pumpkins, to celebrate Halloween?


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all year to see the witch trio again so I could tell you I gave them names; Goldie, Marge, and Betty.

The napkins are cute! It makes want to learn to sew, but I think I shoul probably stay away from anything with sharp needles and thread. With my luck I'd sew my fingers together before Nanowrimo and wouldn't be able to type.

PS - I tried to comment on your last post, but blogger wouldn't let me again. :(

Anonymous said...

YAY! It's Halloween time!!!! Oh Shaddy your decorations are perfect. Not too scary, and oh so adorable. I love that pumpkin with the hat! And the witch trio is just plain cute. All the decorations look wonderful.

I'm relieved to see how well the napkins fit in with the decor. And thrilled that you like them. Yay!

Enjoy your weekend dear, and thanks for sharing these with us. As you know, I love!


Shaddy said...

DARKSCULPTURES: How fun that you gave my wee witches names!! Marge had an accident in August but is fine now. We placed her in the basket of a miniature flying balloon on our back porch. Much to our dismay and hers, a strong wind sent her over the edge and onto her noggin. After we recovered from witnessing her near death experience, Lon glued her head back on and she's nearly as good as new.

You may not have to sew and still have some Halloween napkins. Sarie's having a drawing. Go back to my post where I've added her blog address. Enter the drawing and good luck.

SARIE: Hurray for your giveaway!! I'm excited for all who enter and especially for the winner. Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear! Probably not a great time for me to have a giveaway, considering it's been so long since I've blogged regularly, but, that means a better chance to win! Everyone's welcome to sign up :)

Happy Sunday Shaddy!!

Natasha said...

Very cool! But, uh, you're NEVER too old to trick or treat -- just need to figure out how to do it.

Last year I gave blood on Friday, October 30. Everyone at the Red Cross center was in costume.

I still haven't recovered from having my blood drawn by Count Dracula....

Shaddy said...

NATASHA: I'd also have trouble recovering from giving blood from my neck!!

I like the idea of the workers
wearing costumes on Halloween at the Red Cross center.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I feel so dull! We live too deep in the woods for anything but REAL ghosts to come around (I heard owls right outside the bathroom window last night) -- so no trick or treaters, which means Buck and I just buy Hershey Kisses with Almonds and Hershey Dark Chocolate Kisses and pretend they are leftover from trick or treaters which means we have to eat them so they won't go to waste. Your decorations and Sarie's napkins are fantastic.

Parrot Writes said...

I love your decorations, especially the trio of witches and the pumpkin with stars! We don't get trick or treaters in our country neighborhood - too far for the little ones to walk.

But we just may dress up and go next door with our empty wine glasses and see what we can rustle up.

Happy Halloween to you! Better yet, Happy October!

Shaddy said...

BETH: It's so great to hear from you. I'm glad you don't do without candy just because you don't get trick or treaters. Watch out for those ghosts you mentioned!!

PARROT: Going door to door with empty wine glasses, now that sounds like an interesting idea!! Please tell us about it if you pursue it.