Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shaddy's October Ready

I’m competitive. I don’t like anyone or anything, including time, to get ahead of me. September left me in the dust. I was still tying my shoes while it was heading down the home stretch. I was irked and vowed it'll never happen again!

October isn’t due on the starting blocks for over a week. I’m already stretching and warming up in preparation for her arrival. Without further ado, here’s October as presented in my datebook.
I hate to gloat or be spiteful but October may find itself choking in my dust.

I shouldn't pick on October. I like Halloween and the fall weather it brings. I apologize to the upcoming month in advance for the dust but my competitiveness is unquenchable.


Anonymous said...

October is my most favorite month. And not just because I was born in it. Your datebook is stunning Shaddy. I love the nature quote, and all those amazing colors. Ah yes, when October comes, fall is here. And I love it!

Shaddy said...

SARIE: Jared's birthday is in October too.

There's really nothing to not like about the upcoming month. I love decorating for Halloween second only to Christmas. Pumpkins and witches are fun.

Enjoy your birthday month, not only the 7th but every single day of it.

For practice, start having a blast tomorrow.

kathan said...

October is my fave month, too. And with the terrific weather we've been having so far this fall, I think it's gonna shape up to be a good one.

BTW, I responded to your Q on my blog! :-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaddy!
And you have all the fun Halloween decorations - that little witch is just the coolest thing! You'll have to share your Halloween decorations here with us! Ok?

Shaddy said...

KATHAN: We're going to upper MN next month for a few days. I hope it's perfect fall weather. I'm not asking for much!! Actually, the guys will be fishing while I'm mostly reading, writing, walking or running so I'll be OK no matter what.

SARIE: I'll see if I can locate the Halloween decoration post from last year. I'm glad you liked it and remember it.

Parrot Writes said...

October is my fav month too - and my birthday month. We've experienced a turn in the weather -it's very fall like already. But every once in awhile we get a sunny day to enjoy. Thanks for rousting out September early.