Friday, August 2, 2013

Do I Really Have To Eat Them Soon?

This is one of my tomatoes last Monday.

And here's another photo of another tomato taken Monday.

Today, Friday, they look like this!

Two fellows on the opposite side of my garden are jumping on the band wagon.

The predominant color in my garden is quickly shifting from a lovely pale green to a vibrant tomato red.  I discovered today that my writer friend, Beth, shares my hesitancy to eat the veggie babies we have nurtured from seeds.  (We know we're nutty!)  If my garden was larger, I don't think I'd be so attached to my cucumbers, sweet peppers and tomatoes.  

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Gullible said...

If it wil help, I'll come down and eat them for you. On the other hand, think of it like this: a plant's purpose is to produce seed. By removing ripe fruit before it goes to seed, you are helping the plant to produce more.