Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Libraries Still Exist and I'm Glad

I can't find my photos of our library so I posted this extremely unusual beer bottle label instead. I like to include a photo with every post to entertain my readers. This label is one of the craziest I've run across.

I visited the Beloit Public Library this afternoon to return a book I borrowed. I wandered around and was pleased with the atmosphere and appeal.
I'm happy that our city is maintaining and stocking this facility. The written word is available on all of our technological devices which I've been predicting would cause libraries to become extinct.

I didn't check another book out because I'm hoping to read a few books I wrote years ago. Yes, I wrote a couple of books just for the challenge and fun of it.  I'll share some information about them in future posts.

I hope to spend more time at our library even if only to spend time there for a change of scenery during these unpleasant winter days.

Do you visit the library in your area? 


Cap said...

Yes, Yes and ?? OH YES !! Not only do we visit our library up here in Anchorage, but we also donate money to it because the local politicians are not adequately funding this MOST IMPORTANT PUBLIC ASSET. All over the whole wide world yours truly visits libraries and they become as second-homes to me. All over the whole wide world people who staff libraries are wonderful. So there you have our library-take. Smiling .. Cap and Patti

Cheryl Peters said...

I'm not surprised. Your love of reading and writing words is evident in your blogs, postcard passion, etc.
I imagine you've seen a wonderful variety of libraries the world over.
Have a special day. 😍

Beth said...

If it weren't for the Tampa Public Library along with the small library at Yates Elementary School in Brandon, Florida (where I used to wrap the overdue fines in penny rolls for Mr. Menendez, the librarian), I don't know who I would be today. They nourished me and instilled a lifelong love of reading and of physical books. Thanks for sparking a good memory. And that label is quite something!

I'm still not quite sure how Blogger and Wordpress talk to each other, but I'm Beth over at the Longleaf blog. Address is

Walk said...

Our library here is an three story building that use to belong to an insurance agency. As their business dwindled, or at least the number of employees, they traded the building for what was the old library, now the library has grown, has a floor just for kid activities so the other floors remain quiet. It is quite the spot to explore and see what world the mind transports me too.

Cheryl Peters said...

Beth and Walk,
Thank you for commenting. It makes blogging funner. Oops, that’s not a word but it works.

Come again, friends.